Indianapolis Children’s Theatre Presents Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE!

Remember the days of Schoolhouse Rock!, w hen “Bill sat on Capitol Hill” and the “Conjunction Junction” taught kids about function? Schoolhouse Rock! is back, LIVE, and better than ever at the Indianapolis Civic Theatre April 12 to April 17. New Indianapolis theatre company, the Indianapolis Children’s Theatre, presents Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE! at Marian University in the Indianapolis Civic Theatre space, and with help from this well known Indianapolis performing arts group. Tickets are $10.00 for Indianapolis kids and $15.00 for adults. Tickets for students in school groups are only $8.00. Show times are Monday through Friday at 10:00 pm and noon and Saturday at 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE! serves as the inaugural production from the new Indianapolis Children’s Theatre. Their presentation of the LIVE version of the Emmy Award winning Saturday morning cartoon series is packed full of history, grammar, math, science and politics shared in the Schoolhouse Rock way, through clever and tuneful songs. This popular 1970s television shows becomes real, as the favorite characters and design aesthetic is put on the Indianapolis Civic Theatre stage.

Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE! has all the old favorite songs, ready for a new generation of ears. Songs like “Unpack Your Adjectives,” “Do the Circulations,” “Three is a Magic Number,” “Just a Bill,” “Conjunction Junction” and of course “Schoolhouse Rock” make this musical a lesson in both knowledge and fun. Introduce your Indianapolis kids to one of the hippest educational cartoons ever made, in this fun live presentation of Schoolhouse Rock lessons.

Video: Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE! at Indianapolis Civic Theatre, Indiana


This full scale musical production offers more than just a good time. This pop culture phenomenon has helped to teach generations of kids the basics when it comes to language, math, science and history. Grasping complex concepts through easy to remember songs offers kids an exciting way to engage with their education. In Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE! a nervous teacher, Tom, is anxious about the start of school. When he turns on the television, to relax, various characters (facets of his own personality) emerge from the set. With their help, Tom will be able to win his students with a little imagination and some snappy music.

Don’t miss this fun event that combines both Indianapolis education and Indianapolis art to reach Indianapolis kids in a whole new way. Classroom study guides are available for school groups making the trip to Marian University. Whether you are bringing a field trip, your own kids or simply remembering a relic from your own childhood, Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE! is guaranteed to get your brain moving. Tickets are on sale now, so don’t delay!

After the show, treat your Indianapolis kids to lunch at any of these great Indianapolis restaurants. Sing songs together as you leave the theatre, and recap the rocking lesson over a bite to eat. Stay tuned to Indianapolis News, Events and Information on Fun City for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. We cover Indianapolis attractions to Indianapolis sports and more! Make the Circle City your playground. Get out in Indy and find some fun!

Schoolhouse Rock, LIVE!
April 12 to 17

Indianapolis Civic Theatre
Marian University
3200 Cold Spring Road
Indianapolis, IN 46222