University of Indianapolis Features Contemporary Jewelry Art Exhibit

The University of Indianapolis has one more Indianapolis art show in store before the end of their school year and the end of their art season. Neo-Rococo: Rocks and Shells, a contemporary jewelry exhibit, brings six jewelry designers to University of Indianapolis’ Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center. These designers have brought their work from around the United States to this Indianapolis university for the delight of the Indianapolis art community. This Indianapolis event is FREE an open for all Indianapolis people.

The common thread through each designers work is a focus on the use of rocks, gemstones and shells in thought provoking ways in jewelry design. Of course, jewelry for many people is all about the bling. Big rocks, polished diamonds, rubies, sapphire and other precious stones are an important part of any artists jewelry design. What sets these artists apart is their reinterpretation of jewelry standards.
Rococo is a style of 18th century French art and interior design characterized by ornateness and elegance. The French world “rococo” is a combination of rocaille (stone) and coquilles (shells). These objects were commonly used as motifs in much art and design work done during the Rococo era. Neo is simply a prefix for new, making the work of these six artists and new interpretation of this old Rococo style. Each artist brings to their work an understanding of beautiful busyness, creating stunning works of jewelry that utlize many of the same design motifs as the French did more than two centuries ago. However, the artists exhibiting in Neo-Rococo: Rocks and Shells also have a point of view reflective of our materialistic times, making the pieces in this exhibit both historical and timely.

Artists Helen Blythe-Hart will be on hand Monday, April 5 (the exhibits opening date) to share her innovated metal artistry technique. As the inventor of the acclaimed heat zone soldering method, Blythe-Hart will demonstrate her process from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Room 111 of the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center. With more than thirty years of experience behind her, Helen Blythe-Hart brings a unique perspective on jewelry to this exhibit. She has taught students of all ages for nearly two decades, in addition to creating her own work. Her art is collected internationally, and she is part of permanent exhibits at the Deutsche Goldschmeidehaus, an acclaimed metalsmithing museum in Germany, and at Orphan Pharmaceuticals in Paris, France.
Join Blythe-Hart in the Neo-Rococo: Rocks and Shells exhibit is Jim Cotter of Vail, Colorado. Cotter’s work has been admired by many in his very own gallery, the J. Cotter Gallery. His pieces pull inspiration from all aspects of life and nature, and are stunning pieces of jewelry. Also showing, Randy J. Long, a professor of Art and Head of Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. His jewelry pieces are a statement of beauty, harmony and subtle presence, with much inspiration garnered from his hobby of gardening.

In addition, Jennifer Howard Kicinski a talented jewelry maker, whose pieces seem to verge on alien. With a strong base out of Seattle, Washington, Kicinski has been creating and selling work of jewelry art for decades. Plus, Molly Garber and Tracy Lee Black, of San Diego, California, share their work.

The exhibition, which is sponsored by the Talbot Street Art Fair, runs through April 30 from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm weekdays. An opening reception will take place at 6:00 pm, following Helen Blythe-Hart’s metalsmithing demonstration. At 7:30, this Hoosier taught artist will speak on to her work and her career. Remember, admission to this Indianapolis culture event is absolutely FREE.

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Neo-Rococo: Rocks and Shells
April 5 to 30

Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center
University of Indianapolis
1400 East Hanna Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46227