Art, Gallery Walk and Talk with Susan Hodgin

Are you an Indianapolis art aficionado? Do you love IDADA First Friday Art Walks and the Talbot Street Art Fair? Then don’t miss a gallery walk and talk with Indianapolis artist Susan Hodgin at Clowes Memorial Hall this Thursday, April 8. This Indianapolis culture event is FREE to all Indianapolis people, and gets started at 6:00 pm this Thursday. Talk a walk through the halls of Clowes Memorial Hall on the campus of Butler University, as you admire and learn about Hodgin’s work from the artist herself.

Clowes Memorial Hall is a coveted gallery space for many artists across Indiana. Each month, Clowes Memorial Hall features the work of a local artist, who will be viewed by patrons of the Indianapolis Opera, Broadway Across America, Butler University events, concerts and a whole host of other Indianapolis performing arts and Indianapolis theatrical happenings. Here is a chance for the general public to get a glimpse at the stunning paintings of an Indiana native, and to hear about her process first hand.

Susan Hodgin was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but moved to Missoula, Montana to study creative writing and fiction at the University of Montana. After three years in the creative writing program, Hodgin realized that her characters never moved or spoke, but simply existed in beautifully described settings. Her interest in the visual became apparent, and Hodgin switched her major to painting. She graduated from the University of Montana with a BFA in Painting.

Upon graduation, Hodgin moved back to Indianapolis to pursue a career in painting. Her work has garnered international acclaim, with collectors around the entire United States and the world. Last Fall, she began her MFA in painting at the Fine Art Works Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She currently has a studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis downtown.

As an artist, Susan Hodgin is interested in “exploration, expedition and the discovery of the new.” She works in oil, acrylic, charcoal, collage and oil pastels to share her abstracted memories that have been corroded by time. Through layering of medium, she creates depth and texture in her work that leaps from the canvas. In the words of the artist, “Our natural landscapes are rapidly changing and diminishing, and our connection to them is weakening. My paintings are an attempt to map, chart and record my reactions to nature, both near and far.”

Hear more words from the artist herself this Thursday, April 8 at Clowes Memorial Hall. This FREE Indianapolis event offers a chance to meet and discuss art with its originator. After your Gallery Walk and Talk with Susan Hodgin, head to the near by Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village, for a bite to eat. With a great variety of both Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars, there is something for everyone in Broad Ripple Village.

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Susan Hodgin Gallery Walk and Talk
Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clowes Memorial Hall

4602 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208