Storytelling Arts of Indiana Presents Anne Shimojima Saturday

As one of the most thoughtful Indianapolis nonprofit organizations, Storytelling Arts of Indiana provides enlightening and engaging programs for the Indianapolis community, month after month. Saturday, April 10 Storytelling Arts of Indiana welcomes Anne Shimojima for two Indianapolis events that will join families and Indianapolis people together. At 10:00 am catch “Hidden Memory: Family History Project” and then at 7:30 pm Anne Shimojima shares stories in “Tales of East and West.” These Indianapolis art event, at the Indiana History Center in Indianapolis downtown, offers a refreshing look at family and the ties that bind.

Anne Shimojima’s Japanese American family faced a terrible experience during World War II. Yet those involved in the atrocities of a war that promoted distrust among citizens never spoke of their past. In 2006, Anne Shimojima set out to uncover her families “Hidden Memory.” She interviewed her 91 year old aunt about her experience in the United States during World War II. The difficult truth of her aunt’s time in an American interment camp for Japanese Americans and the prejudice her family faced at that time surfaced, then blossomed. The story is shared in Shimojima’s book Hidden Memory, a collection of pictures and an account of life during that time.

Anne Shimojima shares her families Hidden Memories with Hoosiers this Saturday, April 10. In the morning, she will share the process she encountered once she decided to compile her family’s history. This workshop will give attendees to tools they need to gather and construct a family history for themselves. Learn how you can preserve memories for your family and give the greatest gift of all to the ones you live. Shimojima shared this very same workshop at the National Storytelling Conference in 2008.

Tickets to Anne Shimojima’s 10:00 am event at the Indiana History Center are $30.00 for Indianapolis people and $25.00 for members of the Indiana Historical Society. Workshop participants can purchase discounted tickets to Anne Shimojima’s evening performance for only $10.00.

Anne Shimojima’s “Tales of East and West” delves deep into ideas of betrayal and forgiveness, generosity and sacrifice. Discover her family’s story of love won, lost and found as she travels the pathways of the human heart. Though her folk tales are centuries old, they remain timeless and current as the human race faces many of the same basic problems. Her stories are both hilarious and sacred, creating a journey that reminds that to be human is the most fascinating journey of all.

Anne Shimojima has delighted audiences with her graceful and spirited storytelling. Her Asian heritage fuels her with material as she brings to life folktales from around the world. She has worked as a graduate professor of storytelling and is engaged to speak across the country. One colleague of hers, Rives Collins a Professor at Northwestern University, had this to say of Anne: “One of the most compelling storytellers to be heard anywhere, Anne Shimojima is mesmerizing! Like a gifted sculptor, Anne has a talent for cutting away all that is extraneous, leaving only the essential story in all its glistening beauty behind.”

Advance tickets to Shimojima’s evening performance at 7:30 pm are $15.00 and $18.00 at the door. Don’t miss this exciting Indianapolis performing arts event at the Indiana History Center. Storytelling Arts brings oral tradition to life with guests like Shimojima; its our job to listen.

Before the performance, grab dinner at any of these great Indianapolis restaurants. Afterward, keep the conversation going at cocktails at any of these refreshing Indianapolis bars. With prime Indianapolis real estate along the Indianapolis Canal and near the White River State Park, the Indiana History Center is located near tons of Indianapolis attractions. Take a walk along the canal to marvel at the Indiana State Museum, the NCAA Hall of Champions and the Eitlejorg Museum.

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Anne Shimojima
Saturday, April 10
Hidden Memories: Family History Project at 10:00 am
Tales of East and West at 7:30 pm

Storytelling Arts of Indiana
Indiana History Center
450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202