Norm Skinner’s Farm Museum and Village in Perrysville, Indiana

Near Perrysville, Indiana, on the Illinois border lies a farm that you must see to believe. This historic Indiana attraction displays ancient wagons, automobiles, sleights, tractors and various other outdated farm equipment that dates back as early as the 1820s. If you love visiting historic Indiana sites like Conner Prairie or Billie Creek Farm, Norm Skinner’s Farm Museum and Village is another top destination for a day trip from Indianapolis.

Field trips, Hoosier families and large groups can book a time to tour Norm Skinner’s Farm Museum and Village, but the best time to visit is during the annual steam and gas show. One weekend each August the village is open to the public, and this year’s steam and gas show is slotted for the August 22 and 23.

During this special fall event, usually held the third week of August, all of the old equipment is put to use. One year, Norm planted oats on several acres, in order to demonstrate the use of a hand-fed bailing machine. They plow with old tractors, pull wagons with an oxen team and use a steam engine powered wood saw. Blacksmiths, basket weavers and other crafters show off their trades at Norm Skinner’s annual steam and gas show.

Norm Skinner’s Village includes a 250-ton brick home circa 1844. The home was built just three miles from Norm Skinner’s Farm Museum and Village, and in 1979 Norm moved it to his farm. The bricks of the structure were hand-made by Skinner’s great-great grandparents, and the walls are three bricks thick. This huge house has all walnut woodwork and three fireplaces. Other historic structures found at Norm Skinner’s Farm Museum and Village are a round barn from Illinois, historic homes, an 1830 tavern, an 1881 jailhouse, an 1890 school house and six log cabins (one cabin dates back as early as 1826). The village even has a wooden windmill is on display, much like the ones exhibited at the Mid-America Windmill Museum in Kendallville, Indiana.

A $4 admission fee is charged for adults, and children ages 12 and under are free. This is a great day getaway from Indianapolis for a family on a budget. Crafts, food and a small flea market sell special souvenirs and snacks to museum and village visitors. If you can’t break free from the hustle and bustle of the Circle City, try checking out some of the cool Indianapolis museums.

Norm Skinner’s Farm Museum and Village
1850 West State Road 32
Perrysville, Indiana 47974