NoExit Theatre Company Presents Phantom Tollbooth

NoExit Theatre Company’s production of Antigone amazed the Indianapolis theatre community last fall in the Gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Set to the background of the Oldfields Lilly Mansion, Antigone’s modern Victorian take shared the generational conflict of one family, mourning the death of two brothers. The Greek drama contrasts sharply to NoExit’s latest offering The Phantom Tollbooth, a classic children’s tale, opening Thursday at the Earth House Collective. The play runs Thursday, April 22 through Friday, April 30. Performances begin at 8:00 pm. Tickets to this Indianapolis art event are $15.00 for Indianapolis people and $10.00 for Indianapolis kids with a student ID.

Norton Juster’s children’s adventure tale, The Phantom Tollbooth, was published in 1961. After a bored young boy, Milo, finds a magic tollbooth while playing one afternoon, he decides to take a trip through it, having nothing better to do. On the other side, he discovers the Kingdom of Wisdom, where he accepts a quest to rescue the princesses of the kingdom. Along the way, he meets a faithful companion, Tock, a watchdog with the body of an alarm clock.

In the Kingdom of Wisdom, Milo stumbles along many odd places including the Doldrums, a colorless place where thinking and laughing are outlawed, Digitopolis, where subtraction stew is on the menu, and Dictionopolis, the first of two capital cities in the Kingdom, and the market hub for the buying and selling of all the world’s letters. In Dictionopolis, he meets the Spelling Bee and the blustering Humbug, whose arguments land Milo in jail. Milo learns that the Kingdom of Wisdom has been thrown into disarray since the banishment of the two princesses Rhyme and Reason, who were responsible for settling disputes. When they ruled that letters and numbers were equally important the Kingdom of Wisdom’s two rulers, King Azaz the Unabridged and the Mathemagician, cruelly sent the two princesses to live in the Castle in the Air.

Milo must prove to the rulers of the Kingdom of Wisdom that the princesses need saving, but that is only the first half of the battle. He must also rescue them. With daring defeats, and a whole lot of nonsense, Milo and his trusty watchdog Tock navigate the oddly political world beyond The Phantom Tollbooth.

Adapted by Antigone director Georgeanna Smith and fellow Butler University Theatre graduate, Alyson Mull, The Phantom Tollbooth offers a fantastical world akin to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. This Indianapolis performing arts event combines a cast of current and former Butler University students, sharing their diverse talents with the Indianapolis theatre scene. Don’t miss this exciting Indianapolis event in Indianapolis downtown at the Earth House Collective.

Located near the Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave, the Earth House Collective is a wonderful, and relatively new, space for Indianapolis music, arts and theatre. The space has been transformed for everything from IDADA First Friday Art Walks to IndyFringe Theatre Festival offerings and even concerts from favorite Indianapolis bands. It even regularly shares the artwork of students from the Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI. Check out this great new venue, and cafe, in the heart of the Circle City.

Before the show, head to Mass Ave or Indianapolis downtown for a bite to eat. Check out any of the many great Indianapolis restaurants or Indianapolis bars in the area. From cheap, but delicious Cajun cuisine at Yats Restaurant to an upscale Italian dining experience at Agio’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, its easy to find food to fit your budget AND suit your taste buds.

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The Phantom Tollbooth
April 22 to 30

NoExit Theatre Company
Earth House Collective
237 North East Street
Indianapolis, IN