White Rabbit Cabaret: Indy’s New Hot Spot

It is time to say thank you Indianapolis. Now that the White Rabbit Cabaret has opened its doors in the Indianapolis cultural district of Fountain Square, the Circle City just got a whole lot cooler. Curious as to what this rabbit hole holds? Step inside and I’ll tell you.

Quite simply, White Rabbit Cabaret is the definition of understated cool that few people or places can pull off. The ease in which this new Hoosier haven does so is a testament to the ladies that made it possible.

While the Rabbit is one of newest bars in Indianapolis, from inception to realization has been a three-year labor of love for two sisters, Debra and Becky Silveus. The sisters Silveus started with one goal in mind when first thinking about opening a business in their hometown of Indy. They wanted to offer the Indianapolis arts community more.

“There is such a lack of art spaces here in Indianapolis, so we started off knowing that we wanted to provide a venue for artists from all over to come and perform here in the city,” Debra said. “We came up with all kinds of crazy concepts before deciding on the cabaret. And even though it took us a while to find the right business, my sister and I couldn’t be happier.”
Lack of performance spaces in and around downtown Indianapolis is something Debra–a core member of Motus Dance Theatre–knows all too well. But to look upon the White Rabbit Cabaret merely as a new venue for performance artists to ply their trade, would be shortsighted.

Judging by the cabaret’s early patronage, it is a place where people want to hang out, and often at that. One of the WRC’s greatest qualities is the relaxed atmosphere it emanates. White Rabbit’s low-key attitude gives bar goers the feeling that they could just as easily be hanging out in their own house. But better than being home, once the night is over, they don’t have to clean up.

The mystery and intrigue of this cottontail club starts before you even enter the door. The bar’s store-front windows are tinted darker than midnight, yet are still strangely inviting. Once you enter, you feel as though you’ve stepped foot into the front parlor of an antiquated house, as the Rabbit’s victorian style furniture welcomes you.

Vintage is the style the Silveus’ were going for, and vintage is what they have achieved.

“We created a space and environment that we would want to hang out in,” said Debra. “It is too hard to try and please everyone, so we decided early on in the design process that we would just be true to ourselves here at the White Rabbit.”

The stylistic lovechild of retro and relaxed, this cabaret has set the new standard in our city for what it means to be a cool bar. It is refreshing, and all to uncommon these days, to find a liquor lounge where the only requirement for having a good time is you simply must be yourself.

At the moment, the Rabbit’s menu sports only beer, wine and sake–which is all most patrons will need anyway. But in their effort to always give that little bit more, the bunny bar of Fountain Square will soon be offering food fare as well.

And the offerings are not just limited to food and drink, the WRC puts on one hell of a show when the lights go down and the curtain comes up.

Yes, the White Rabbit Cabaret is open to any and all Indianapolis performing artists, but they do have a few regularly scheduled events that call this hopping haunt home. And none are better than the house dance troupe Hasenpfeffer, who take the stage at the White Rabbit several times a month. This show is quickly becoming one of the must see events in Indianapolis.

Other regulars like $2.50 Pint Night every Tuesday, and Burlesque Bingo every other Wednesday, are all the reasons you and your friends should need to make the WRC your new bar.

Now is the time to quit your curiosity, and find out for yourself just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

White Rabbit Cabaret
1116 Prospect Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Tuesday-Thursday 7 p.m.-1 a.m.
Friday & Saturday 7 p.m.-2 a.m.

For more information about the WRC, and a complete calendar of events, check out their Web site here.