Famous Indianapolis Resident Bobby Plump: Basketball Icon and Entrepreneur

They call him the “last of the small-town heroes.” Famous Indianapolis resident Bobby Plump is the real-life Jimmy Chitwood, the now-famous character from the hit movie Hoosiers, which depicts the inspiring Indiana State Basketball Championship win back in 1954.

Plump’s winning shot was the last play of the intense game, and immediately became the stuff that legends are made of. Upon retiring, Bobby Plump made a family business out of the event, creating a friendly and popular Indianapolis bar and restaurant called Plump’s Last Shot. A favorite party place in the Indianapolis cultural district known as Broad Ripple Village, Plump’s Last Shot has a huge wraparound porch, strong drinks and exceptional onion rings. It also has Bobby, who frequently entertains customers with his opinions on Indianapolis basketball games, past and future.

Bobby Plump‘s basketball career only started with his famous “last shot,” however. He garnered records playing for the Bulldogs, the Butler University men’s basketball team, and after graduation went on to play professionally for many years. He had a choice between the NBA and Phillips 66 and chose the latter, which was more lucrative.

Bobby Plump spent the bulk of his adult life, however, off the court, building a lifelong career in financial consulting and life insurance. Now over 70 years of age, he passes some of his happiest moments sharing his basketball stories with fans and friends at Plump’s Last Shot Restaurant and Bar.

See the actual “Last Shot” sunk by Bobby Plump back in 1954 on the court at Hinkle Fieldhouse, in this video commercial.


An iconic citizen belonging to his home state of Indiana, Bobby Plump represents all the small-town, Midwest values Hoosiers hold fast: family, integrity, hard work and persistence. Over the decades, he has become one of the most well-known people from Indianapolis, and one of the most beloved.