Storytelling Arts of Indiana Presents Olga Loya’s “Nepantla”

Storytelling is an important part of many cultures. Indianapolis based nonprofit organization Storytelling Arts of Indiana recognizes the importance of keeping this age old tradition alive in the time of technology and instant media. Saturday, May 1 Storytelling Arts of Indiana invites the multicultural Olga Loya to share stories of her heritage and youth with the Indianapolis community. Tickets to this Indianapolis event are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 at the door. Olga Loya takes the stage at 7:30 pm. Head to the Indiana History Center in the heart of Indianapolis downtown for this very special Indianapolis arts happening.

Olga Loya is a nationally recognizes bilingual storyteller who shares stories of her Latina heritage and growing up in torn between her Latino and Anglo cultures. Her heritage of storytelling extends back to both her father and her grandmother, who would entrance the little Olga with folktales, love stories, adventures and more. Absorbed by their vivid imagery and enticing themes, Olga always loved listening to this oral tradition. Storytelling was an important part of her entire life in East Los Angeles, California, even before she became a professional. In 1980, when she attended her first storytelling conference, she knew she had found a true calling.

She began by sharing stories from books on many different cultures, but when she discoverer stories from Latin America her stage presences found root in a deep and passionate culture of which she was a part. Her new found connection to her ancestors and their collective history made Olga Loya’s performances an enriching experience for both audience and performer. Loya’s performances have evolved slowly but surely over the years to become theatre pieces, music pieces, or event installation pieces. She even has character voices and costumes for her most favorite characters.

Olga Loya has performed and taught workshops across the United States and Mexico. She shares a large repertoire of family and personal stories with the goal of exploring the struggles of being bi-cultural, a Mexican in America. In addition, Loya has a whole hat full of colorful and magical stories from Africa, India, Asia the Antilles and Europe. Her stories explore various important themes such as healing, racism and multiculturalism. Each incorporates different aspects of performance including improv, movement, dance, song and instruments. She has played theatres, universities, festivals, conferences, museum, libraries and schools.

In addition, Loya has been a keynote speaker for CABE (California Association for Bilingual Education), the Glendale School district in Phoenix, Arizona, the Consortium for Children Abuse in San Jose, California, the Tucson School District in Arizona and the Multicultural Conference in Eugene, Oregon among many others. Her inspirational stories and words have propelled these groups through their final chapter together into the next step of their lives.

Olga Loya has two videos and three tapes, plus a book called Momentos Magicos, or Magic Moments, which won a 1998 Aesop Accolade, the International Reading Association award for young adults. Her stories have also been included in collections such as the More Ready to Tell Tales from Around the World and The Healing Heart Communities. On top of story telling, Loya also performs a ┬ánumber of one woman shows: “Dancing through La Vida,” “Love and Ghost Stories from South of the Border” and “Surprises of the Heart.”

This Saturday at Olga Loya will present her newly written piece Nepantla to Storytelling Arts of Indiana and Indianapolis people. The story focuses on a Californio settler named Juana Briones. It delves deep into her personal history and the collective history of multicultural individuals living in the great melting pot called America. After this Indianapolis performing arts event, join Olga Loya and Ellen Munds (executive director of Storytelling Arts of Indiana) at Zing Restaurant for drinks, small plates and a chance to pick the artist’s brain. Located just around the block from the Indiana History Center at 543 Indiana Avenue, Zing is a popular new Indianapolis restaurant.

Grab dinner before the show at any of these great Indianapolis restaurants or Indianapolis bars. Or take a stroll along the Indianapolis Canal Walk to the White River State Park. With prime Indianapolis real estate in downtown, the Indiana History Center is located near tons of great Indianapolis attractions including the Indiana State Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum and the NCAA Hall of Champions.

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Neplanta by Olga Loya
Saturday, May 1 at 7:30 pm

Storytelling Arts of Indiana
Frank and Katrina Basile Theatre
Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center
450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202