Dalai Lama to Speak at Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis Downtown

The Dalai Lama arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana earlier this week, and is set to speak at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis downtown Friday, May 14. His holiness has visited Indiana five times in the past few years, to visit his brother who resides in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana has become a kind of second home to His Holiness, as he makes frequent visits to the Indiana University campus in Bloomigton, where his brother works in the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center. His upcoming speech at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis downtown marks the end of his trip to Indiana.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama spent time in Bloomington through today, giving three public teachings to residents there. Upon his arrival in this central Indiana city, His Holiness was greeted by an enthusiastic troupe of Tibetans performing a “good luck” dance and a crowd of more than one hundred well wishers encased in a plume of incense. This leader of Tibetan Buddhist and head of the exiled Tibetan government traveled to Bloomington with a police escort. As he stepped onto the center grounds for the first time during this visit Tuesday afternoon, he offered his blessings and inspected a sand mandala, which was painstakingly created by a team of eight monks. The tabletop mural, made of intricate and impermenant colored sand is a great tradition and sign of respect in the Buddhist culture.

He then traveled to visit the new home of a series of prayer wheels in the Cultural Center. This colorful structure contained thousands of prayers contained by ornately decorated copper drums. As the Dalai Lama gave the wheel a spin, he released the power of this multitude of prayers. During his stay in Indiana, he will be hosted by Elaine Mellencamp, fashion model, cultural center supporter and wife of Hoosier rocker John Mellencamp. Indiana the first stop on a two week tour of the United States.

In his speeches, the Dalai Lama teaches the core scripture of the Buddhist faith the Heart of Sutra, which focuses on the importance of compassion in our everyday lives. He is believed to be the rebirth of a long line of tulkus (or enlightened teachers) who are the reincarnated bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Traditionally, His Holiness is thought of as the latest incarnation of a series of spiritual leaders who have chosen to be reborn in order to enlighten others.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner, His Holiness the Dalai Lama offers spiritual insight that is helpful to people of many faiths. As the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyasto has presided over a Tibet riddled with conflict at the hands of an oppressive Chinese regime. In 1951, the Chinese military pressured him to agree to a treaty, which permitted the People’s Republic of China to take control of Tibet. Since then, he has fled the country, living in forced exile ever since. The people of Tibet remain under Chinese rule to this day.

In the face of such horrible adversity, the 14th Dalai Lama remains a model of forgiveness and compassion throughout the world. People of many religions, backgrounds and cultural identities flock to hear him speak of the spiritual practices, which make him such an enlightened fellow. Hear him speak for one morning only at the Indianapolis sports venue, Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis downtown.

Tickets to this Indianapolis education event are $25.00 for Indianapolis people and $15.00 for Indianapolis kids with a valid student ID. Don’t miss your chance to experience the Dalai Lama’s teachings first hand.

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama Speaks
Friday, May 14 at  9:30 am

Conseco Fieldhouse
125 South Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204