Perry Township Home Sales up 50% Compared to Last Year

With a 35.4-percent increase in the total number of homes sold, the Perry Township Real Estate market has officially begun a trend toward increased sales. Since rebounding from a 12-month low 48 sales in January, 2010 sales rose for the 3rd consecutive month, reaching a total of 111 sales in April. Compared to April of 2009, when just 74 homes sold, this is a significant 50-percent increase.  But the good news doesn’t end here.

The total number of pending sales was also up substantially, from 112 in March to 135 in April; an increase of 20.5 percent. Compared to last April, when there were 102 pending sales, this is an increase of 32.4 percent.

The total number of Perry Township homes for sale rose 6.6 percent, from 610 listings the previous month to 650 in April. This is a 10-percent increase versus last year’s total of 591 in April.

Home for sale in this area of Indianapolis spent an average of 76 days on market compared to 71 the previous month. While this is up slightly from the 12-month average of 73 days is most definitely down from a 12-month high of 101 days that was set in May of 2009.

Some other pertinent facts:

  • At 96 percent the sold-list differential remained unchanged not only from the previous month but from the 12-month average, which is also at 96 percent.
  • The average price paid per square foot continued to be reasonable just $56. This is up just $1 from last month’s average of $55 and not far from the 12-month average of $57.30.
  • The average ‘sold’ price was $100,000 while the average active price was $130,000.
  • The absorption rate based on pending sales rose from 18.4 to 20.8 percent. The absorption rate based on closed sales rose from 13.4 to 17.1percent.