Hoosier Hill in Bethel, Indiana

The highest elevation point in Indiana is 1,257 feet above sea level and it’s dubbed Hoosier Hill. This Indiana attraction is tiny compared to the highest points in other states. Hawaii for example has a high point of over 14,000 feet, and Alaska’s is more than 20,000 feet high. Hoosiers still visit the quarter mile high point, and there’s even a logbook mailbox for visitors to leave their mark on this Indiana record holding site.

U.S. travelers, explorers and adventurers visit Hoosier Hill on a mission to see all the high-points of the nation. The logbook mailbox shows record of people visiting from Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon, Texas and many other places. Many of these guests agree that Indiana has one of the prettiest and most serene high-points in America. Travelers also visit Indiana’s point of lowest elevation, which is found at the Ohio River. Indiana’s second highest point of elevation is Sand Hill, located near the Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area in Medaryville, Indiana.

Hoosier Hill is somewhat difficult to located, perhaps because it sits on private property. The nearest major intersection by the hill is Elliot Road and County Line Road, located near I-70, just 11 miles north of Richmond, Indiana. The sign, picnic area and trail to the site was built in 2004 by Kentucky native and eagle scout Kyle Cummings.

The land at Brown County State Park is often mistaken as the state’s high-point, and some hills in the park come close to the record at 1050 feet above sea level. There is also some controversy in the Bethel area regarding a competing high-point. This is because a nearby landfill recently requested permission to fill higher than Hoosier Hill. If the landfill expansion were approved, the highpoint of the Crossroads of America would become the ugly man-made landfull just a few miles away in Randolf County.

Hoosier Hill is located just an hour’s drive northeast of Indy, close to Richmond, Indiana.  For a fun outdoor day trip from Indianapolis, consider a drive up to Hoosier Hill. Nature lovers and outdoorsmen frequent the site, but keep in mind that it’s slightly challenging to locate. The wooded area has a path and signs leading up to the top of Hoosier Hill. A picnic table, bench and mailbox mark the spot, but many still have a hard time finding it. Feeling up for a challenge? Hunt down Hoosier Hill this weekend, and escape from the Circle City.