“The Great American Trailer Park Musical” May 2010

Theatre on the Square is known throughout the Indianapolis arts community for presenting upbeat edgy comedy. This weekend marks the return of last season’s biggest Indianapolis performing arts hit. Theatre on the Square presents The Great American Trailer Park Musical May 28, 2010 through June 26, a musical look at life in a northern Florida trailer park. Presented at the end of Theatre on the Square’s 2008-09 season, The Great American Trailer Park Musical was such a hit that Artistic Director Ron Spencer revives it with all the original actors. Don’t miss the finale to Theatre on the Square’s 2009-10 season, offering one last chance to laugh until your face hurts.

The Great American Trailer Park Musical premiered at the New York Music Theater Festival in 2004. The following year it opened off Broadway and has since enjoyed regional performances across the United States, a national tour, and a U.K. production. Set in a northern Florida trailer park, The Great American Trailer Park Musical delves into the lives of the simple folk living in in a corner of trailer park heaven. Jeannie’s melodrama begins when her baby is kidnapped and she gets a bad perm, both equally tragic events in her eyes. The trauma of her bad hair and missing child cause her to develop a severe case of agoraphobia, never going further from the house than an arm’s length from her white knuckle grasp on the door knob.

As she spends her days wallowing in the more pitiful lives of the guests on Oprah, Rickie and Montel, her husband Norbert seeks solace at the only place that will have him: a strip club. When he becomes enamored with an exotic dancer named Pippi, its hard to decide whether its fate or bad luck that she moves into the trailer across the yard. As they bond over their common frustrations, Pippi’s past in Oklahoma City comes sniffing. Her crazed ex-boyfriend Duke, with an addiction to sniffing magic marker fumes, is determined to win her back.

With a trio of ensemble singers, who hilariously double as every other character and often act as clowns, The Great American Trailer Park Musical promises wholesome trashy fun. A character centric story, this musical never judges its low class subjects who repeatedly prove themselves to be lovable and sincere people. Tickets to see this event are $25.00 for Indianapolis people and $20.00 for Indianapolis kids, military personnel and seniors. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm.

Located in the heart of the Indianapolis cultural district Mass Ave, Theatre on the Square has prime Indianapolis real estate in an Indianapolis downtown theatre district. Grab dinner before the show at any of the near by Indianapolis restaurants such as Agio’s Italian Restaurants, Yats Cajun Restaurant or Bazbeaux Pizza. Afterward, experience Indianapolis nightlife at any of these refreshing Indianapolis bars.

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The Great American Trailer Park Musical
May and June, 2010

Theatre on the Square
627 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204