Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle: Release Your Inner Rhythm for Free

Everybody’s got rhythm in his or her soul. Whether you’re a toe tapper or a head banger, a booty shaker or a finger drummer, some part of you wants to groove to the beat of your internal clock. This Saturday, you’ll get the chance to bring that beat inside you gasping into the light of day with dozens of other people just like you. The Garfield Park Arts Center will be hosting a drum circle at Garfield Park in Indianapolis this Saturday, May 29 from 2 to 5 P.M. The best part? This Indianapolis event is totally free.

Amateur beat makers, steering wheel percussionists, professional drummers, and street performers are all welcome at the Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle. All types of rhythm will be on display, from Middle Eastern to hip hop to whatever crazy time signature you’ve cooked up. The drum circle will be like a constantly evolving Indianapolis band, as guests are encouraged to come and go as they please. A drum circle works best when every member adds their own unique flavor, and the Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle should be a very textured event, since all of Indianapolis society is invited.

An example of a drum circle in this video from the Bongo Boys Music School in Indianapolis; the Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle might look similar to this


Visitors are required to bring their own instruments, but don’t worry: “instrument” is a pretty loose term. Snare drums, floor toms, djembes, castanets, kick drums, the World’s Largest Drum from Purdue University, bongos, pots, pans, chains, cafeteria trays, cardboard boxes, thighs, hands, and anything else you can imagine are all acceptable forms of rhythmic expression at this Indianapolis music event. Afraid your inner rhythm isn’t as impressive as everyone else’s? Spectators and dancers are welcome at the Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle, so don’t be afraid to show up, even if you don’t plan on playing.

The Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle begins at 2 in the afternoon and runs until 5. The event is free for all ages, and everyone is invited to participate; it’d be a great opportunity to introduce Indianapolis children to the rudiments of rhythm. Students at the Bongo Boy Music School are sure to be a “hit” at this percussive extravaganza, so if you’ve got a kid at that Indianapolis school, you should certainly bring him or her along. If you’ve ever wanted to get in touch with the pulse of life, the fun this weekend isn’t in downtown Indianapolis, but at the Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle!

For more information on the Garfield Park Arts Center Drum Circle, head to the Garfield Park Arts Center Facebook page.

Garfield Park Arts Center
2432 Conservatory Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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