AFI comes to Indy

Concert season is heating up in Indianapolis music. Whether at Verizon Wireless Music Center, the Lawn at White River State Park, Clowes Memorial Hall or the Old National Theatre (formerly the Murat), touring rock groups will flock to the Circle City in the next few months. This Wednesday, June 2 the Old National Theatre welcomes AFI to the Egyptian Room at 7:30 pm for an all ages concert and Indianapolis event. Tickets are $24.00, with a four pack discount available at a rate of $18.75 per ticket. Don’t miss AFI as they rock Indianapolis downtown mid week.

Believe it or not, this punk rock band has been together for nearly two decades. Formed in 1991, while Davey Havok (vocals), Mark Stopholese (guitar) and Vic Chalker (bass) were still in high school, AFI was just the dream of a few pimply teenagers hoping for their fifteen minutes of fame. AFI disbanded briefly when its members were separated by various college choices, including UC Berkley some members practiced in the basement of the Delta Chi fraternity house. When Geoff Kresge (who replaced Vic Chalker) moved to New York to play with Blanks 77, the band soon decided to reunite, drop out of school and devote themselves full time to their music.

The band has seen many incarnations, and today is composed of Davey Havok (vocals), Adam Carson (drums), Hunter Burgan (bass guitar) and Jade Puget (lead guitar). It was this final formation that would first experience commercial success in the early two thousands. When the band was nominated for an MTV music award in 2003 for their single “Girl’s Not Grey,” they knew they had finally made it. Their follow up album Decemberunderground earned them a number one spot on Billboard’s Modern Rock Charts with the single “Miss Murder.”

Their latest album Crash Love was released in 2009. It came after a two year hiatus for the band, in which they focused on writing and recording their new tracks for a newer sound. It is their eighth album, and provides most of the material for their current tour. Their latest single, “Beautiful Thieves,” enjoys regular rotation on MTV and radio stations across the United States. The album peaked at number twelve on the Billboard 200, selling 52,000 copies in its first week of release.

AFI stands for “A Fire Inside.” Though band members have been heard to say it has stood for many things over the years including “Asking for It” and “Anthems for Insubordinates,” it is the real meaning that comes through in the music of AFI. They hope that their latest album and tour will act as a kind of swan song for their legacy. Lead singer Havok says, “I really believe it’s the best AFI record. It honestly feels like we’ve made our first truly timeless record. We didn’t set out to do that — you can’t set out to do something like that — but it definitely feels like that’s what we’ve achieved: created the album by which we’ll be remembered.”

Don’t miss AFI at the Old National Theatre this Wednesday, June 2. This early Summer concert kicks off a host of amazing Indianapolis music events happening all season long. Before the concert, treat yourself to dinner in the nearby Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave. Afterward enjoy cocktails at any of these refreshing Indianapolis bars in Indianapolis downtown.

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AFI in Concert
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Murat Theatre Centre (Old National)
502 N New Jersey St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

The Murat, now known as the Old National Centre, is a premier Indianapolis performing arts venue