Installation Nation Photo Gallery

Primary Colours presented the second addition of Installation Nation this past weekend in downtown Indianapolis.

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Come take a look inside.

Mark Rumsey’s Box of Clouds in the daytime. Mark hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mark Rumsey’s Box of Clouds in the dark.

Getting lost in the clouds.

Sala Wong’s site-specific piece for Installation Nation was titled To Tell a Secret. Wong has shown her work world-wide and now resides in Terre Haute, IN. When she is not creating art, she is teaching art at Indiana State University.

Step up to the microphone and empty your heart.

Artist Xiaoou Sun’s piece, Like Moths to the Flame.

Installation Nation had Indianapolis art lovers flocking to the abandoned lot just south of Mass Ave.

A view through the giant kaleidoscope created by Andrew Ball, with help from Todd Bracik and Matt Warren. This trio of Indianapolis artists can be found most often at the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple Village

One more look through the giant piece of art in downtown Indianapolis.

Chicago based artist Marci Rubin’s piece Colony Collapse is her artistic interpretation of an unknown epidemic that has millions of needed bees disappearing across America.

Rubin recreated bee’s nests by using bio-degradable packing peanuts that are made out of corn starch and dissolve when they come in contact with water. The delicate work took over 250 hours to complete.

Indy based artist Ben Valentine often creates work that deals with human wastefulness and over consumption. His piece literally contains tons of American generated e-waste that usually finds itself in third-world countries’ land-fills.

That was once your old laptop and TV.

Local artists Brent Aldrich and Julie Cifuentes built an indoor botanical garden for all Circle City residents to enjoy. Those who came did not leave empty handed as the pair potted hundreds of plants for anyone to take home and start their own green ways.

Their green ways lead to a path of enLIGHTment.

Phoenix Fire Productions entertained the crowd throughout Friday night’s Installation Nation.