National Basketball Legend and Indiana Native John Wooden Died at Age 99

John Wooden was known as one of the best coaches in the history of sports, right up there with Bill Bellicheck and Vince Lombardi. The impact he made on the game of basketball is undeniably huge, beginning with is fame at Purdue University and through his unbeatable coaching record. Wooden led UCLA to 10 NCAA championship titles, and he developed a motivational program called the “Pyramid of Success.” This Hoosier legend penned books on leadership and basketball, and even during his final weeks at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, he was visiting with old players. Wooden died Friday of natural causes at age 99, just a few months shy of his 100th birthday.

John Wooden was born in 1910 in Hall, Indiana near Mooresville, Indiana. There is even an Indiana attraction near his birthplace that commemorates his contributions of the world of sports, with Indiana basketball and beyond. The Academy of Hoosier Heritage in Mooresville displays Wooden’s seven books and educates visitors about his life. A visit to the Academy of Hoosier Heritage makes for a great day trip from Indianapolis, and it’s a good way to pay respects to an unbeatable sports legacy. Wooden lived a long and productive life, and although he is now gone, his legacy will remain as long as the game of basketball is played. For more information about this Hoosier native and his life’s accomplishments, check out a profile about John Wooden.