Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana

Scary, growling, flesh craving wolves from horror movies is sometimes the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a wolf pack. Wolf Park is a place where humans socialize with wolves daily, and the animals can be observed in their calm and relaxed state. This Indiana attraction offers an experience found nowhere else. Researchers and students observe and learn at this Indiana Park about wolf behavior for educational purposes.

Howl Night at Wolf Pack makes visitors feel at one with nature, as they are invited to howl with the wolves.
This communication with the animals is another completely unique experience at Wolf Park. Howl Nights are held every Saturday and seasonally on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. The wolves behave most actively in the early evening hours, and before all the moon howling starts, informative animal behavior lectures are given in the park. When the howls subside, a horror film screening reminds guests of how wolves are stereotypically depicted in movies.

Retired Purdue University professor Doctor Erich Klinghammer started the Wolf Park in 1972. Animal behavior is his expertise, and he became committed to teaching the public the truth about one of the most misunderstood animals in history. Visitors can get more involved with the park by adopting their very own wolf and being its sponsor.

In order to educate as many people as possible, lectures and seminars are offered at the park. Indianapolis kids can participate too, day camps and even overnight camps are offered on weekend for kids. Three to five day seminars are available for adults, and topic range from wolf behavior to the natural history of dogs. Photographers can attend a special seminar to study the animals for artistic purposes.

One of the most thrilling events to witness at Wolf Park is the “hunt.” At
1 p.m. on Sundays, the wolves are placed with a healthy herd of bison. Guests watch as the wolves perform the first stage of the hunting process, seeking out weaknesses in the bison herd. Onlookers are assured that the bison are strong and healthy enough to defend themselves against the wolf pack. The wolves only test the bison to find any weaknesses. Internship and volunteer opportunities are offered all year at Wolf Park. Working at the park is a great way to learn about these fascinating animals, while also helping to preserve the welfare of the species in captivity.

Battle Ground, Indiana is a unique destination for your next day trip from Indianapolis. It’s located just a
few miles north of Lafayette, Indiana, where several other Indiana attractions await curious visitors. On the way to Wolf Park, try to stop by the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, or the Tippecanoe Battleground Park. For more animal adventures in western Indiana visit Lafayette’s own zoo. Just south of Tippecanoe County is Crawfordsville, Indiana, where the Rotary Jail Museum can be found. Purdue University and Wabash College are the nearby Indiana colleges to visit. A day trip to Wolf Park is suitable for all ages, and it could extend to a weekend getaway or week-long vacation. be sure to plan ahead and check park hours and admission rates online.

Wolf Park
4004 East 800 North
Battle Ground, Indiana 47920