Mass Ave Wine Shoppe (MAWS): Taste the Grape of Indianapolis Art

The Indianapolis cultural district of Mass Ave has always been known as an Indianapolis arts hub. Indianapolis museums, Indianapolis art galleries, and a whole host of Indianapolis artists call Mass Ave home, and the Indianapolis businesses lining the streets of this famous Indy neighborhood are often locally owned and locally populated. One such shop along Mass Ave is the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe, an Indianapolis business that promotes Indianapolis art in every way, shape, and form, from showcases of Indianapolis music to samples of some of the best wines from Indiana wineries.

Indy Visitors Channel promotional video for the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe on Mass Ave in Indianapolis


The most distinguishing feature of the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe is their Wall of Wine: a massive display of over 100 wines, each under $15. Mass Ave Wine Shoppe only buys from smaller wineries, and they sample every wine that they sell. The staff at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe is very selective, so you can be sure you’re getting the best wines by wineries around the United States and the world. A sampling of the incredible selection at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe would include the Dry Creek Chenin Blanc, the Winzerwald Winery Schweizer Spice, the Vampire Pinot Noir, or the Calderona Rose. This Indianapolis business also carries a number of delicious beers, including selections brewed by Barley Island Brewery, Upland Brewery (based in Bloomington), and Mad Anthony Brewery (based in Fort Wayne).

Doing Indy video about four Mass Ave businesses, including an interview with the owner of Mass Ave Wine Shoppe in Indianapolis


The Mass Ave Wine Shoppe also doubles as an Indianapolis restaurant. You probably won’t find any heavy meals at the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe, but what you will find is dozens of tantalizing appetizers, delicious sandwiches, and rich soups that perfectly compliment the many wines offered at the shop. A variety of organic cheeses, including goat cheese, brie, aged cheddar, and feta, serrano ham, grass fed beef, and other delicious ingredients are staples at MAWS, and the Salmon Sampler, Croque Merman, and Don Quigoate are sure to make you never want to leave. Toss in an array of unique soups like the Sassy Sweet Potato, Onion Blossom Horseradish Potato, and the Tangy Tomato, and you have a top downtown Indianapolis restaurant.

Video of abstract art by Indianapolis artist Shawn Causey on display at the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe along Mass Ave in Indianapolis


One of the most important functions of the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe, however, is its contributions to the Indianapolis arts scene. Mass Ave Wine Shoppe is a proud sponsor of the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association, an Indianapolis non-profit organization that is the governing body behind the IDADA First Fridays events that take connoisseurs and tourists around several enlightening Indianapolis events and art galleries. There’s always local art lining the walls of the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe, so Indianapolis artists get some of that Mass Ave spotlight, and the shop sponsors lots of fun and free events for the art community.

Mass Ave Wine Shoppe is also a small Indianapolis music venue. When functioning as a venue, the shop usually hosts smaller, local Indianapolis bands, usually acoustic acts. Original music is usually the feature here, and you can catch lots of cool artists, like Susan Sousa, Brandon Whyde, and other local performers. Recently, Mass Avenue Wine Shop sponsored MAWS Music Mania at the IndyFringe Building, a musical preview of the IndyFringe Festival that featured a virtuoso jazz quartet (which included Steve Allee), The 1933’s, and other local bands. There’s no better pairing than delicious appetizers, complex wine, and creatively stimulating local music.

Video of Paul Hippensteel boogieing down to “Broken Surf Board” on his 1966 Farsifa Combo Compact at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe along Mass Ave in Indianapolis


The next time you’re looking for a casual afternoon spent sampling the finer things in life, head on over to the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe. One of the most relaxing things to do in Indianapolis is a visit to this locally owned, locally operated, and locally supportive little shop, one of the driving dynamos of the Indianapolis arts scene on Mass Ave. Come on in today to see how dramatic, how inspiring, and how delicious the Indianapolis experience can be.

Mass Ave Wine Shoppe
878 Mass Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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