TRU Nightclub: Three Levels of Intense Club Excitement

Everybody knows that Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis is the place to be for a good time in Central Indiana. One of the best places to dance the night away in this illustrious Indianapolis cultural district is TRU Nightclub, a relatively new fixture in the Indianapolis nightlife scene that promises to provide you and your friends with a night to remember. If you’re a fan of sweaty bodies, pulsing beats, and strong drinks, a late night at TRU Nightclub is probably the perfect Indianapolis thing to do for you.

tru nightclub in broad ripple area of indianapolis

Unlike many other Indianapolis clubs and late night party palaces, TRU Nightclub is divided up into three separate, distinct Indianapolis bars to cater to every type of party goer. The Envy Martini Lounge is a relaxed, elegant environment similar to other Indy bars like Blu Lounge or Apres Jack’s. Comfortable chairs surround spacious tables, and the luxurious decor is an excellent place to start the evening. Custom martinis and a quieter environment than the rest of the club make the Envy Martini Lounge a good place to hold a conversation and build your energy for the rest of your evening at TRU Nightclub.

Video of Dieselboy performing at TRU Nightclub in Indianapolis

The other two sections of TRU Nightclub are the Club Level and the VIP Mezzanine. The Club Level is the place people go to lose themselves in the beat of Indianapolis music. Similar to other Indianapolis party clubs like the Rock Lobster, The Ugly Monkey, and Landsharks, Club Level at TRU Nightclub is a loud, raucous, energetic frenzy of swirling lights, heavy beats, and glamorous Indianapolis people who are all out for a good time. Top 40 dance beats, club remixes, and even the occasional live Indianapolis band are common fixtures at Club Level, and bold women can show off what God gave them on the big stage in the dance cubes and silhouette cages. The VIP Mezzanine is for TRU Nightclub patrons over 25 years old and looks out over the Club Level. A private bar and bottle service at the VIP Mezzanine make every visit to TRU Nightclub feel like a private Indianapolis event.

Video of Indianapolis musician Rich Hardesty performing a CD release show for “Culturally Insane” at TRU Nightclub in Indianapolis

One of the few Indianapolis music venues that predominantly features hip-hop, dubstep, club music, and other electronica, TRU Nightclub is an awesome place to wash yourself in heavy bass and four on the floor beats. Indianapolis DJ’s make regular appearances at TRU Nightclub, as do more well known acts from around the United States. Bands and musicians that have whipped up the crowd at TRU Nightclub include Daedalus, Patchwork 1.0, Chocolate the Freaky Afronaut, and Willy Joy; the club was also the host of the TRU Blue Benefit, a benefit concert for Indianapolis children put on by the Jukes Foundation for Kids.

Video slideshow of photos from TRU Nightclub in Indianapolis

At a place like TRU Nightclub, you might think you have to own one of the 25 largest businesses in Indianapolis or be a prominent member of the Indianapolis arts scene to afford drinking and dancing. Thanks to TRU Nightclub’s nightly specials, this is not the case. There’s a different theme for each night, and each night offers a new special on name brand drinks. “Wet Wednesdays” offer $2 Bud Lights and $3 margaritas, while “Aphrodite Friday” allows all ladies free access to the club; drink specials on Fridays include $4 Absolut, $4 Bacardi, and $2 Alabama Slammers. It’s enough to make any Indianapolis deal finder thirsty.

Video of Disco Aliens spinning some tunes at TRU Nightclub in Indianapolis during Crop Circle, an Indianapolis music event

If you want to show your friends the true glory of the Indianapolis nightlife scene, make your way over to TRU Nightclub in Broad Ripple Village, one of the hottest dance clubs in the Circle City. Three different bar areas allow patrons a different party experience every night: the Envy Martini Lounge is a refined conversational haven, Club Level gets you in the elemental spirit of sweaty dancing, and the VIP Mezzanine allows you to pass the evening in style. Cheap drink specials and an always energetic crowd make TRU Nightclub one of the hottest Indianapolis attractions, no matter what your party inclination is. When you’re hot for a good time in Indy, look no further than TRU Nightclub, the “Tru” champion of Indianapolis nightlife.

TRU Nightclub
6235 Guilford Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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