Talbott Street Nightclub: Drag Queens, DJ’s, and a Whole Lotta Pride

The Talbott Street Nightclub on the north side of Indianapolis has always been a bit progressive. First opened as a movie house in the 1920’s, the building has evolved with the environment around it. The Talbott Street Art Fair came to the area in the 1950’s as an outlet for students at the nearby Herron School of Art and Design, and by the 1960’s the Indianapolis festival had transformed the Talbott Street area into a sort of hub for Indianapolis artists, bohemians, hippies, and other creatives. The Talbott Street Nightclub changed with the area, turning into the popular Black Curtain Dinner Theater in the 70’s. In the 80’s, Talbott Street became known as a safe haven for the Circle City‘s gay community, a reputation that it still retains today. In 2002, from these open-minded, bohemian roots, the Talbott Street Nightclub as it is today was born: rowdy, energetic, outrageous, and just plain fun.

Video of a pre-Halloween masquerade party at Talbott Street Nightclub in Indianapolis


Talbott Street Nightclub is a great example of what the best in Indianapolis nightlife has to offer. The focus of this Indianapolis bar is definitely dancing; a huge dance floor, lots of multi-colored lights, and thumping beats are commonplace here. An Indianapolis music venue, the Talbott Street Nightclub hosts some of the best DJ’s in Indianapolis. They have two regularly appearing resident DJ’s that spin once a month: DJ Deanne and DJ Jared Curry. DJ Deanne brings sensual house beats to the table every first Saturday of the month at Talbott Street Nightclub; she is a resident at Blu Lounge and Forty-Five Degress, and she has spun at the Vogue. Once a month, long time Indianapolis DJ Logan Matthews also spins at Talbott Street Nightclub. This constantly evolving slate of performers means that you’ll get a different musical experience every time you step in the doors of this always packed club.

Video of Rhythm Meltdown and DJ Deanne performing live at Talbott Street Nightclub in Indianapolis


While lots of Indianapolis people come to Talbott Street Nightclub for the frenetic dancing and hip Indianapolis music that’s played there, the main thing that makes Talbott Street Nightclub an Indianapolis attraction is the Legends Show Lounge, the home of the Ladies of Legends, a female illusion show that draws crowds from downtown Indianapolis and the rest of the Circle City. Legends Show Lounge is where all the hottest drag queens of Indianapolis get to strut their stuff and show off before adoring fans. In addition to the featured queens every week, Talbott Street Nightclub also features guest performers each week. The guests are sometimes professionals and sometimes amateurs, but always put on an eye opening performance.

Video of Vicki St. James performing a Ladies of Legends show at Talbott Street Nightclub in Indianapolis


Just to keep things interesting on a weekly basis, the Talbott Street Nightclub also throws lots of Indianapolis events that vary from week to week and month to month. Dance parties in drag, guest DJ’s, live music by Indianapolis bands, Drag Queen Bingo, and a monthly talent show for aspiring Indianapolis performing arts stars are just a sampling of the fun Indianapolis things to do at Talbott Street Nightclub. There’s always something new happening here, so you can be sure each experience at Talbott Street Nightclub will be different than the last.

Video of DJ Pride whipping the dance floor into a frenzy at Talbott Street Nightclub in Indianapolis


There’s a reason why readers of NUVO Newsweekly have voted Talbott Street Nightclub the “Best Place to Shake Your Groove Thing” and “Best Gay Bar” and why the Indianapolis media outlet chose Talbott Street Nightclub as the place to host its 20th anniversary party. A huge supporter of IndyPride, Talbott Street Nightclub has been active in the LGBT community for years and has always provided a welcoming atmosphere for both straight and gay partygoers.

This Indianapolis club knows how to show its patrons a good time. House DJ’s play to the crowd and concoct infectious mixes that’ll get your feet itching to hit the floor. The Ladies of Legends showcase legendary drag performances that’ll have you looking twice at the next lady you buy a drink for. Looking for something a little different? The Talbott Street Nightclub might just show you another, more vibrant side of Indianapolis.

Talbott Street Nightclub
2145 N Talbott St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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