As You Like It at Garfield Park

What could be better than FREE Indianapolis theatre? Why, Free Indianapolis theatre in the beautiful setting of an Indianapolis park of course! The Garfield Shakespeare Company presents As You Like It in Garfield Park in Indianapolis downtown, a free opportunity to enjoy Indianapolis theatre. Even though every performance is FREE, seating is limited in the Garfield Park Arts Center, making reservations required. Performances are June 19 at 7:00 pm and June 19 and 20 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Don’t miss your chance to take part in Indianapolis performing arts free of charge!

A pastoral comedy by William Shakespeare, As You Like It is a quirky love story set against the backdrop of the Forest Arden in duchy in France. The Duchy, which has recently be usurped by Duke Frederick from his older brother Duke Senior, has been torn apart by recent events. Though Frederick exiles his brother and a few of his brother’s servants, he allows his niece Rosalind to remain at court. Rosalind’s friendship with the new Duke’s only daughter has kept her safe and in comfort. In a parallel story line, Orlando, who has fallen in love at first sight with Rosalind, is also forced to flee the kingdom after suffering persecution from his older brother.

When Fredrick’s rampant anger causes him to banish Rosalind from the court, she and Celia flee together, accompanied by their jester Touchstone. Disguised as young men, both ladies arrive in the Forest of Arden, where the exiled Duke has taken up residence and gathered supporters. Meanwhile, Orlando who has taken up with the exiled Duke and his followers, has begun posting simplistic love poems throughout the woods. When he meets Rosalind (in her masculine disguise with the name Ganymede), she offers him council to cure him of his love. To complicate things, a simple sheperdess, Phebe, falls madly in love with Ganymede (aka Rosalind). Despite Rosalind’s best attempts to fend off Phebe, Silvius (who loves Phebe) is enraged by the affair.

The four lovers (Orlando, Rosalind as Ganymede, Phebe and Silvius) converge in the forest, arguing over who will marry whom. Rosalind (as Ganymede) settles the argument, intending to reveal her true identity. When Rosalind finally reveals herself, Phebe is forced to give up her pursuit and commit to Silvius, and Rosalind and Orlando reunite promising to marry. And in true romantic comedy style, all the loose ends are tied up with every lover receiving his prize.

Written by Shakespeare to please his adoring audience, As You Like It is a fun romp through the woods filled with mistaken identity, banishment, foolish lovers and loving fools. It even features one of the most famous and most quoted Shakespearian monologues: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” The metaphor has come to stand for one of the prime tenants of theatrical culture.

Don’t miss Garfield Shakespeare Company’s production of As You Like It at Garfield Park. Admission is absolutely FREE, but reservations are required. Before the show, treat yourself to dinner at any of these yummy Indianapolis restaurants. Afterward, head to the near by Indianapolis cultural district, Fountain Square, to compare As You Like It to other famous works by the Bard, and enjoy drinks from any of these Indianapolis bars.

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As You Like It
June 18 at 7:00 pm
June 19 and 20 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Garfield Park Arts Center
2432 Conservatory Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46203