Indianapolis Children’s Choir Performs

Headquartered at Butler University, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir is a wonderful Indianapolis nonprofit organization that brings out the beauty of young Hoosier voices. Indianapolis kids come together to learn and perform inspiring choral arrangements, reflective of their innocence and youth. Saturday, June 19 marks the Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s 25th Annual Choral Festival at Clowes Memorial Hall. The performance begins at 3:00 pm on Saturday. Tickets to this Indianapolis music event are $12.00 in advance and $13.00 at the door. Don’t miss your last chance this season to hear the angelic voices of these talented youngsters.

This annual concert is the culmination of a week long day camp of the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. Participants gathered at Lilly Hall on Butler University’s campus on Monday, June 14. As the first day of a fun Summer day camp, these young singers were a fluster of activity and excitement. Choral arrangements were handed out, which the singers would learn in only one short week. Working together as a team, under the guidance of Indianapolis Children’s Choir directors, the group created a synergy and magic that would carry them through the challenging process of presenting a perfectly polished performance in five short days.

In morning and afternoon sessions, the singers brought energy to the room that boomed with beauty. As the director’s taught music and guided by encouragement, the kids tackled obstacles like the Bel Canto vocal technique. As the days rolled by, campers formed tighter and tighter bonds, working as a unit to produce an uplifting sound. Notes and lyrics began to take hold of their brains as they faced the memorization process.

By Thursday, the campers warily put down their sheet music, choosing to perform from memory. Absorbing information like sponges, their attempt to sing from their hearts instead of from a piece of sheet music went swimmingly. As the big day approaches they work hard to polish their sound, hoping to present a stunning concert to Indianapolis people on Saturday.

When the curtain goes up Saturday afternoon and the campers take their places on the risers, pure magic will flow through the group, as they share the fruits of an intense week of singing. The five established choirs of the ICC will come together on stage to amaze the Indianapolis community with their artistry. And it truly is stunning the amount of work these kids can accomplish as a team in only six days of instruction.

Don’t miss the Indianapolis Children’s Choir’s 25th Annual Choral Festival. This Indianapolis event promises to uplift through the power of youth. After the concert head to the near by Indianapolis cultural district, Broad Ripple Village. Treat yourself to dinner and drinks at any of these Indianapolis restaurants or Indianapolis bars, located just five minutes away from Clowes Memorial Hall.

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25th Annual Choral Festival
Saturday, June 19 at 3:00 pm, 2010

Clowes Memorial Hall

4602 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208