Tim Gaither Headlines Crackers Comedy Club Downtown

Indianapolis nightlife gets funny with Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis downtown. This week comedian Tim Gaither takes the stage at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis downtown June 30 to July 3. His homegrown humor is sure to disarm, as he drawls his jokes out with perfect timing and a charming southern accent. Offering a unique perspective on the world based on his one of a kind observations, Tim Gaither offers solid stand up. Tickets to his show are between $10.00 and $20.00. Show times are as early as 8:00 pm to as late as 10:30 pm. Don’t miss this wisecracking comedian on stage at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis downtown.

You may say Tim Gaither’s career in comedy was started by divine intervention. He did, after all, fall in love with comedy at his family’s Southern Baptist Church. Gaither remembers the moment inspiration struck at the young age of five. One Sunday, the preacher called the children of the congregation to the front of the church to ask them a few questions in front of their parents. When the preacher asked the little tow-headed boy what he thought hell would be like, Gaither responded, “Preacher, hell will be hotter than the Wal Mart parking long the the Fourth of July barefoot.” When the entire congregation erupted in laughter, Gaither fell in love with the bubbling sound, and a comic was born.

Twenty five years later, Tim Gaither is still chasing that elusive rush a comic gets just after an audience begins to chuckle. His career in stand up has spanned ten years and thirty four states. He has even played for the USO and our troops in Korea. In January 2009, Tim Gaither moved to Hollywood, California to take the next step in his career, and was almost instantly given a paid regular spot at the World Famous Comedy Tour. He has even earned the honor of Best of the Festival at the Detroit International Comedy Festival. And as a regular on “The Bob and Tom Show,” heard in Indianapolis media on WFBQ, Gaither reaches a broad audiences base.

Born in Southern Arkansas, Gaither grew up across the Midwest. Because his family moved to frequently (mostly in the middle of the night), Gaither honed his comic skills by making new friends in each new town he landed in. When he finally made his debut in the comedy world, he was quickly recognized as a gifted comic. With natural timing and the ability to create new characters on command, his hilarious routine never loses a sense of spontaneity.

Video: Tim Gaither at Crackers Comedy Club Downtown, Indianapolis, Indiana


Audiences across the United States have screamed with laughter at his hilarious sets. After only five years in the business, he earned headliner status. Now its only a matter of time before he is a household name. Grab your chance to say, “I saw him before he was big,” this week at Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis downtown.

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Tim Gaither
June 30 to July 3

Crackers Comedy Club in Indianapolis Downtown
247 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46225