“1964”: A Tribute to the Beatles

Indianapolis theatre and Indianapolis music collide at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre this July as they pay tribute to the greatest rock and roll band ever to hit the airwaves. Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre presents 1964 . . .The Tribute, an incredibly authentic tribute to The Beatles, on stage July 5 and 6 only. In this special two night only engagement, audiences will be transported back to the early ’60s for an accurate replication of a live Beatles concert. Tickets to this Indianapolis performing arts event are $49.00, which include Chef Odell Ward’s buffet, salad bar and unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade. Die hard Beatles fans and regular Joes alike will marvel at this one of a kind concert experience. Its almost as good as a time machine.

Mark, Gary, Tom and Terry are John, Paul, George and Ringo. These talented musicians take audiences on a unprecedented journey back to the beginnings of The Beatles’ career. In a show that formed out of more than twenty years of research, these artist have made it their mission to master the craft of Beatles impersonation. Hailed by critics and audiences both as the most authentic and endearing Beatles tribute in the world, 1964. . . The Tribute is a show you don’t want to miss. With period instruments, clothing, hairstyles and on stage banter, this talented foursome create a live Beatles concert with accuracy that is unmatched.

This English pop and rock band from Liverpool, England changed the course of history and remain today one of the most influential and popular groups of all time. With both unprecedented critical and commercial success, the original boy band were at the center of Beatlemania for decades. More than unmatched record sales that climb in number even today, these icons of counter culture quickly became a catalyst for bohemianism and activism in various social and political arenas. And though the band toured and recorded together for only one decade, the music they created while together remains timeless and appreciated by people of all ages.

Mark Benson is John Lennon, down to the most minute details like his spread legged stance and gum chewing during songs. As his right hand man, Gary Grimes even learned to play the guitar left handed to match his icon Paul McCartney. “The idea behind 1964 is to recreate what you would have seen if you had actually gone to one of their performances,” said Benson. “We’ve tried to generate the same feeling of happiness that is generated by the music of The Beatles. We get so much of this positive energy back from our audiences, it reassures us that, for now, we are where we are supposed to be.”

Rolling Stone magazine dubbed 1964. . . The Tribute “the best Beatles tribute on Earth.” Even those closest to The Beatles have been impressed by 1964. . .The Tribute. Former president of Apple Records for The Beatles, Alistair Taylor said, “The resemblance was uncanny; it sent shivers down my spine. It was just like the boys. Never have I seen another group go to such detail. . . born again Beatles!” Even George Harrison’s sister, Louise Harrison, found the boys astonishing, inviting the cast to her home for a party in their honor following the show.

“All of the music is about love. I like the fact that parents and kids together can come and see the show,” continues Benson. “It’s not offensive. It’s good, clean fun.” Introduce your Indianapolis kids to The Beatles in one of the most interactive ways possible. Grab tickets to this Indianapolis theatre event before its too late. With only two performances, this show is a hot ticket. Performances begin at 8:00 pm on both nights.

After the show, head to any of these Indianapolis restaurants or Indianapolis bars for a night cap as you reel from a marvelous journey back in time. Stay tuned to Indianapolis News, Events and Information on Fun City Finder.com for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. We cover Indianapolis arts to Indianapolis sports and everything in between. Get out in Indy and find some fun! Make the Circle City your playground!

1964 . . . The Tribute
July 5 and 6, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre

9301 North Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268