The Science of Baking at a Downtown Museum

They say baking is an art, but its also a science. Following the steps, measuring, combining mixtures and catalyzing chemical reactions are all part of making sweet treats in the oven. The science maybe the same, but the process of baking today is much different than in the nineteenth century. The Morris Butler House Museum in Indianapolis downtown presents The Science of Baking July 13 at 10:00 am for Indianapolis kids. This Indianapolis event is designed to enrich Indianapolis education during the Summer months. Participating children will learn about the science behind making breads, cakes and more. At only $3.00 per child and free to adult chaperones, this Indianapolis event is a great Summer deal. Reservations are required.

What makes bread rise? Why do bakers knead dough? This special session at the Morris Butler House Museum will delve deep into these questions, considering both the technology of the past and the present. Today bakers are assisted in the kitchen by all kinds of gizmos including mixers, blenders, specialty pans and high tech ovens. But in the Victorian Era, making delicious baked goods required a bit of extra determination to master such a volatile and difficult process.

Participants in the Morris Butler House Museum’s The Science of Baking will learn how baking works now and then. Groups will prepare baked goods using nineteenth century recipes, ending up with a taste of history. Perfect for a hands on activity for independent home school educators and co-ops, or just a fun Tuesday morning activity for kids on break from Indianapolis schools, this Indianapolis event offers delicious education. Children must be five years old or older to participate. Don’t miss your chance to learn about The Science of Baking Tuesday, July 13 at Indianapolis museum: the Morris Butler House Museum. Located on the Old North Side of Indianapolis downtown, the Morris Butler House Museum has prime Indianapolis real estate near the Benjamin Harrison Home and the Harrison Center for the Arts.

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The Science of Baking
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Morris-Butler House Museum
1204 North Park Av
Indianapolis, IN 46202