Cool Creek Park in Westfield, Indiana

Ninety-one acres of woodlands make up Cool Creek Park in Westfield, Indiana. It’s one of the newer parks in the Hoosier State, opened in 1990 by Hamilton County Parks and Recreation. More than 80 percent of this Indiana park is wooded, covered mostly by Beech-Maple trees and 4 other known tree species. Cool Creek is the park’s namesake, and it runs from the White River through a small portion of south central Hamilton County. the creek dries up in late summer, but a few scenic foot bridges allow visitors to hike across it when waters are flowing. A day trip from Indianapolis to this nature getaway spot could include hiking, bird-watching, music concerts or even educational nature seminars.

The Cool Creek Nature Center is a major attraction within the park. It has a nature viewpoint center, a library and a rent-able auditorium facility. Each year more than 10,000 Indiana children visit the center on field trips, family outings or educational day trips. Several Indiana schools have annual trips planned for activities and interactive learning opportunities at this hands-on nature center. A permanent exhibit at the Cool Creek Nature Center is Oliver the Oak Tree, an interactive display that allows children inside of a large tree. Other educational activities a the Cool Creek nature Center include a Critters and Discoveries Scavenger Hunt, and a penny-weight guessing game of local birds. Just a tip: the hummingbird is the lightest and the Robin is the heaviest of the birds featured here.
Bird watching is another of the most popular activities at this Indiana attraction. Many Hoosiers agree that it’s one of the best places to bird-watch in central Indiana. Over 160 different bird species have been spotted here. A great spot to view the birds and other animals in the area is at the Cool Creek Nature Center’s wildlife lookout point. Dozens of bird species can be spotted along the three hiking trails around Cool Creek Park. The longest hiking trail is the 1.5 mile Tulip Trail. The Beech Trail is one mile long and the paw-paw trail is a half mile. Five picnic shelters are sprinkled throughout the park, along with picnic areas that are all available to rent for any Indiana event.
Summer concert music fills the air with sounds of pop, blues, country and jazz. The Cool Creek Concert Pavilion has hosted countless Indiana music events. Hoosiers can come out to jam with local and regional musicians and bands all summer long. Other things to do at Cool Creek Park include Indiana sports activities at the softball diamonds, basketball courts and soccer fields.
During Halloween season, Cool Creek Park attracts Indiana haunted house hunters. legend has it, residents often report sightings of a large animal in the woods. Some Westfield residents even say they hear howls in the night that sound like a woman’s cry. Ghost hunters beware, there have also been reports of large cats lurking through the forest at night.
Cool Creek Park
2000 East 151st Street
Westfield, Indiana