Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana

Young Abraham Lincoln moved to southern Indiana with his family in 1816. After they crossed the Ohio River, the Lincolns made a path through the woods and made a place for their new home and farm. From the age of 7 to 21, Honest Abe grew up on Thomas Lincoln’s farm. Now the farm is a part of the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial Park. The Lincoln Living Historical Farm gives visitors an interactive experience of re-created Hoosier life in the early 1800s.

Historic reenactments are held from mid-April through September. This up-close experience helps visitors to gain a perspective on what daily tasks were like around the 1800s-era farm. The re-created pioneer homestead has farm animals, crops, and a vegetable garden. It also has a 19th century farmhouse built with hand-hen logs. A day trip to the Lincoln Living Historical Farm gives visitors a real sense of the pioneer experience, minus all the danger and war.
When Abraham Lincoln was nine-years-old, his mother died from something called “milk sickness.” Nancy Hanks Lincoln was buried in 1818, and her grave site lies near the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. Abe’s sister Sarah Lincoln Grigsby died just 10 years later. Her grave site is also in Lincoln City, at the nearby Lincoln State Park. Other tributes to the 16th president can be found all over the Crossroads of America. For example the Lincoln Memorial Park in Zionsville is a site where Abe stopped along his first presidential train ride to Washington, D.C. Another day trip destination is the Jay County Historical Museum, where one of the first photographs taken of Abraham Lincoln. It’s a very unique portrait taken in 1860, but it never saw the light of day because of Abe’s informal appearance.
The Lincoln Living Historical Farm is a great day trip spot all year round and for re-enactments during regular business hours all summer. A small admission fee is charged to gain access to the farm and the Lincoln Boyhood national Memorial. Other Indiana attractions close by include Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Evansville and Doctor Ted’s Musical Marvels in Dale. Escape from Indianapolis on an educational day trip to the Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City.
Lincoln Living Historical Farm
Lincoln City, Indiana 47552