Bluespring Caverns in Bedford, Indiana

To enter the deep underground caverns and caves in southern Indiana, visit Bluespring Caverns in Bedford. More than 2,500 caves are in a large cluster in this area of the Hoosier State. Some of which have never been explored. Scientists say the caverns begin just south of Indianapolis and proceed in a pie shaped area. This outdoor Indiana attraction makes for a unique adventurous day trip from Indianapolis.

Bluespring Caverns has the only cave that can be toured by boat out of the four caves in the area. That’s because of the subterranean “Myst’ry River”” runs through the cave. Boat tours last an hour and span a mile into and out of the cave.The waters from the Myst’ry River flow into a portion of the White River, and stretch on for about 25 square miles. Tours are unavailable every 15 to 45 minutes, and times vary by season. They’re also unavailable during rain because the river rises so much.

Crayfish and blind fish live in the dark cold waters of Bluespring Caverns. While sitting back to back on the tour boats, the guide turns off the light for a vision test. Visitors are astonished when they can’t even see a hand in front for their faces. The darkness helps keep the waters so cold. It’s consistently close to 50 degrees, and guests require at least a jacket for comfort.

To get to the main entrance of the Bluespring Caverns, guests enter through the original entrance discovered in the early 1940s. As the story goes, a large pond on the George Colglazier farm in Bedford, Indiana just disappeared one day. The pond disappeared into the ground after a heavy rainfall, and left behind an opening in the earth. That very spot is now 100 feet below the surface, where the entrance can be found to Bluespring Caverns.

A day trip in Bedford doesn’t have to stop at Bluespring Caverns, there are several other attractions nearby. The Hoosier National Forest is the largest Indiana park, and it’s only a few miles away. Bloomington, Indiana is just to the north of Bedford in Monroe County. It’s also home to Indiana University, the Wylie House Museum, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures and the Indiana University Art Museum, all very fun destinations for a day trip from Indy.

Admission is charged for tours of Bluespring Caverns, and a day trip could easily turn into an overnight event. Organized Overnight Adventures are held for groups on summer weekends. Youth groups and field trip classes camp out near the caves and enjoy an entire weekend exploring the underground. The trip could also be extended by stopping at some of the many hotspots along the route from the Circle City. The Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park and Campground hosts some spectacular concerts and other Indiana events, and it’s only a few counties away from Bluespring Caverns. The Academy of Hooseir Heritage in Mooresville, the Grave in the Middle of the Road and the Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area are all destinations worth checking out on the way down to Lawrence County.

Bluespring Caverns is only a 75 mile drive from Indianapolis, perfect for a road trip with friends or family.

Bluespring Caverns
1459 Blue Spring Caverns Road
Bedford, Indiana 47421