Dubois County Museum in Jasper, Indiana

One of the largest Indiana museums is located in Jasper, Indiana. In 2003, the Dubois County museum began a year long move into an old furniture factory. The old facility was tiny compared to the 145,000 square-foot building that now houses the extensive collection. In fact, the Dubois County Museum’s exhibits only take up 50,000 square-feet of the large structure. this Indiana attraction details the rich Hoosier history of this area in the southern part of the state.

Before the major year-long move to the furniture factory, the Dubois County Museum occupied a much smaller space on Main Street. It took 150 volunteers to complete the moving, rearranging and some light remodeling. Now all of the historic exhibits in the museum have room to grow. In order to help the growth process, and to keep the lights on in the building, the Dubois County Museum became fundraising pros. The gift shop naturally brings in some cash, but the empty portions of the museum are available for rent. Museum membership, financial assistance from county council and a few small grants also help to keep this day trip destination afloat. Because of successful fundraisers and other monetary contributions, the Dubois County Museum can allow absolutely free admission (donations are welcome).

The Dubois County Museum is so huge that an antique double log house fits in one exhibit room. Many unique and educational artifacts, including a sawmill; demonstrate the decades of farming and logging that were just the beginning of Indiana business. The high volume of logged forests allowed the local furniture making business to boom. Jasper is very well known for its furniture manufacturing. It’s also near the well-known southern Hoosier Amish Country, so dozens of other Indiana shopping opportunities surround the area.

Indiana history in Jasper is detailed at the Dubois County Museum, dating back to the early days of German immigration to the area. The museum’s artifacts from the era teach visitors about German settlers who traveled to America on small crowded European mail ships across the Atlantic Ocean. They even have a few antique trunks used on the long overseas trip to the U.S. In the mid-1800s, and for a few decades they continued using the German language and observing their European routs. Preserving the historic heritage of the area is a major goal of the Dubois County Museum.

A few famous athletes from the county made Indiana sports history. The athletic history exhibit highlights Don Buse, an NBA All Star, Paul Huffman, a former NBA Rookie of the Year, and Gene Tormohlen, an NBA superstar. Another famous Indiana native featured in the display is NFL Q.B. Matt Mauck. For more day trip destinations revolving around sports, check out the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle, the Hoosier Bat Company in Valparaiso and the Academy of Hooseir Heritage in Mooresville.

Jasper is a wonderful place to spend your next day trip from Indianapolis. An informative booklet entitled, “Welcome to Jasper” is available on the Jasper Chamber of Commerce website. And don’t forget about all the other attractions located nearby. Spencer County is just south of the Dubois County Museum. Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari is an adventurous water extravaganza for the entire family in Santa Claus. Two of Indiana’s Abraham Lincoln memorial sites are also in Spencer County, Lincoln State Park and Lincoln Living Historical Farm both pay tribute to Honest Abe’s Hoosier roots, located in the small town of Lincoln City. on the way down south, toward the Kentucky border, several day trip destinations are stretched along the route. Dozens of attractions in south central Indiana can be added to your day trip plans.

The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts is found in Seymour, and Indiana music legend John Mellencamp owns the property. To the north of that day trip pit-stop is the solemn and commemorative Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans, honoring all of the area’s war casualties from the wars in the Twentieth Century. A day trip in Bloomington, Indiana is another way to extend a visit south of Indianapolis. The Wylie House Musem, Indian University Art Museum and the Mathers Museum of World Cultures are tourist attractions on and near the Indiana University campus.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis, and explore some of the best day trip destinations the Hoosier State has to offer. Dubois County Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Special appointments are available upon request, and Indiana events can be hosted at the museum for a small rental fee.

Dubois County Museum
2704 Newton Street
Jasper, Indiana