Lost River in Orangeville, Indiana

A large underground cavern system formed in many parts of southern Indiana, dating back to the Ice Age. Glaciers formed many of the naturally georgous day trip destinations near Orangeville, where portions of the Lost River can be seen flowing from underground. This Indiana attraction isn’t always visible, which is why it’ dubbed the Lost River. Thousands of sinkholes allow waters to flow through the soft limestone found throughout the Hoosier State. The river stretches on for about 90 miles through Washington, Martin and Orange counties and eventually flows to the east fork of the White River. Parts of the Lost River are rarely visible at the surface, but agter a heavy rainfall it’s a semi-secret and fun destination for a day trip from Indianapolis.

One particularly spectacular spot to check out along the Lost River is known as the Rise Pool. The water emerges from the earth a few miles south of Orangeville. The Rise Pool varies in depth and water flow, depending on the weather. Around the same area, the second largest spring in Indiana is called the Treu Rise and it’s believed to be the main channel of the Lost River. Over 23 miles of the waters flow through the caverns, and many believe it could span more distance into the several unexplored subterranean areas. For a day trip involving cave exploration, also visit the nearby Bluespring Caverns in Bedford. It’s the only cave tours offered in the Hoosier State that are conducted almost entirely by boat along the Myst’ry River. Many scientists say that over time waters have carved through the impressionable limestone, creating passageways through the massive rock deposits. Another example of water sculpting the landscape is in Peru, Indiana at the Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa.

A winding and scenic path leads day trip visitors to parts of the Lost River in Orangeville. It’s been named a National Natural Landmark, making it even easier to find in Orange County. Several vacationers and explorers stop by to witness the Lost River while visiting one of the multiple day trip destinations that surround it. Waters from the river flow right past the French Lick Casino and West Baden Springs Hotel. Feel like trying your luck? Take a gamble at the casino and test your chances at Finding the Lost River in the Orangeville area.

For an organized day trip to this attraction, plan to go on one of the three annual tours of the area that are offered by the Lost River Conservation Association. For more information about the tours and other related Indiana events, contact the association at 812.253.6951.

The Pioneer Mothers memorial Forest is another day trip hot spot for nature lovers and outdoorsmen. It’s located in Paoli and includes 88-acres of virgin old growth forest. Consider stopping by the Dubois County Museum in Jasper for a lesson in Indiana history in the surrounding area. The Hoosier National Forest is on the way down south from Indianapolis. For an evening of Indiana music in the great outdoors, plan to attend one of the many concerts hosted at the Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park and Campground in Bean Blossom. That’s not all the attractions located a short drive from the Lost River, so start planning a day trip full of endless excitement away from the Circle City.

Lost River
Orangeville, Indiana