Cypress Hill, Mudkids, Brad Real at The Vogue: “Rise Up” Off the Couch and Shake That Booty

Leave it to Cypress Hill to get banned from Saturday Night Live. Apparently it’s as easy as lighting up a joint on live television and destroying all your equipment during a frenetic performance of one of your popular singles, which is exactly what Cypress Hill did in the early 90’s. It’s not like the group needed the exposure; Cypress Hill was on top of the rap world due to the release of Black Sunday and its hit single, “Insane in the Brain.” The album is now triple platinum and was a crossover hit that introduced rap to the mainstream, Billboard loving world. Almost two decades and seven albums (two platinum, one gold) later, Cypress Hill is back with a new album, Rise Up, and they’re looking to show the world that they haven’t changed a bit. The legendary hip hop group still churns out laid back slow jams about smoking dope and taking it easy (this time with guest appearances by Snoop Dogg, Tom Morello, and members of Linkin Park and System of a Down), and they’re coming to Indianapolis with local favorites Mudkids and Brad Real to chill the pants off of Indianapolis music fans at The Vogue on August 9.

Video of Cypress Hill performing “Rise Up” on Jimmy Kimmel Live; Cypress Hill will be playing in Indianapolis on August 9

Cypress Hill performing live; Cypress Hill will be playing in Indianapolis this weekendCypress Hill first came into their own in 1991, when they released their eponymous debut album. The group, composed of B-Real, DJ Muggs, Eric Bobo, and Sen Dog, dominated the 90’s with their first three albums, Cypress Hill, Black Sunday, and III: Temples of Boom, all of which went at least platinum (Cypress Hill went double platinum and Black Sunday went triple). The group’s spaced out, bass heavy backbeats, the contrasting rap vocals of B-Real and Sen Dog, and the clever use of rock instrumentation in hip hop tracks brought a fresh breath of air to the 90’s hip hop scene, and the band continued to improve on their formula throughout their career. If you head out to Broad Ripple Village to see Cypress Hill on Monday, you can expect a gratuitous amount of cannabis-centered celebration that should jive nicely with the chill beats and hilarious lyrics of Cypress Hill.

Music video of “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill; Cypress Hill will be playing in Indianapolis on August 9

Promo picture for Indianapolis hip-hop duo MudkidsSupplementing Cypress Hill‘s return to the Indy stage will be Mudkids, an Indianapolis band that currently rules the Circle City hip hop roost. Rusty Redenbacher and Elp Mass have been working on their latest album, We Are Dynamic and People Like Us, for the past year or so, and they’ll likely preview some new tracks at the Vogue on Monday. Mudkids are no strangers to performing with hip hop legends like Cypress Hill; in the past, they’ve shared the Indianapolis nightlife stage with Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Eminem, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Look for Mudkids to give Cypress Hill a run for their money when it comes to stage presence and crowd response: they’re hometown favorites, and Mudkids have proven successful at The Vogue and other Indianapolis music venues.

Video of Mudkids performing live at the Oranje festival in Indianapolis

Brad Real will be playing with Cypress Hill and Mudkids in IndianapolisThe third performer at this Indianapolis event will be Indianapolis hip hop artist Brad Real. Real has collaborated with a number of Indy hip hop stars, including Mudkids and Ace One. His music has been featured on various Indianapolis media outlets, especially WHHH 96.3, an Indianapolis radio station that focuses on local hip hop. Currently, Brad Real has one album out, The Battle Within: Volume I. His show with Mudkids and Cypress Hill on Monday is a major breakthrough for the artist, and a chance to prove he has what it takes to play alongside Indianapolis’ finest hip hop artists.

Video of Brad Real performing live at the Slamology festival in Indianapolis

The Vogue is a night club in Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, IndianaIf you’re a fan of 90’s radio, weed, hip hop, or music in general, you should definitely check out Cypress Hill, Mudkids, and Brad Real at The Vogue on Monday, August 9. The experience starts at 8:00 p.m and tickets are $29 (before fees). This show is probably best enjoyed in a Cypress Hill state of mind, but be prepared to groove with the best even if you’re stone sober.

Cypress Hill, Mudkids, and Brad Real at The Vogue
Monday, August 9 at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: $29

The Vogue Theater
6259 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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