Indianapolis Colts Training Camp: A Photo Blog

I always find it intriguing to watch the different positions grouped together to see how they communicate. It can give you some insight into the team dynamic that you otherwise don’t see on a typical Sunday afternoon.


Veteran safety Antoine Bethea giving pointers to the Colts young secondary…


Dallas Clark, Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez discussing the intricacies of the Colts passing game…


And the Colts starting defensive line asking each other what’s on the lunch menu.

Perhaps the biggest question mark entering the season is which players will comprise the starting offensive line. Charlie Johnson, Ryan Diem and Jeff Saturday are locks at the tackle and center positions,  but the competition for the starting guard spots is wide open.


At least on this day, failed offensive tackle Tony Ugoh appeared to be the preferred option at right guard, while Mike Pollack and Kyle DeVan rotated at left guard.


Other notable sightings included:


Defensive tackle Eric Foster lining up at fullback. Not only were they using the stout Foster as a lead blocker, but on several occasions Manning dumped it off to him in the flats after a play action pass.


Melvin Bullitt playing…linebacker? Yep. The Colts employed Bob Sanders, Bethea and Bullitt all at the same time, with Bullitt, a former college linebacker, playing near the line of scrimmage. The most interesting aspect of this particular formation was that on several occasions Bethea or Sanders would blitz from the safety position, and Bullitt would drop back into coverage. Very creative. And very deceiving.


Starting outside linebacker Philip Wheeler sporting hair down to the middle of his back. I’m all for expressing yourself, and I’m certainly in no position to be judging someone’s particular look, but c’mon, that long of hair just isn’t practical. Not only does it give opponents something to tug on, but can you imagine how hot it would get running around with a mop on your head?


First Round draft pick Jerry Hughes carrying veteran Robert Mathis‘ helmet. We’ll call him the anti-Dez Bryant.


You probably don’t recognize #35 — he’s an undrafted rookie free agent after all — but you should certainly recognize his last name. It’s James. As in Javarris James. As in former Colts great Edgerrin James’ brother. He’s a long-shot to make the squad, but if he does catch on, there’s no doubt he’ll become an immediate fan favorite.


Jim Caldwell (far left corner) stood by himself the entire practice and jotted down notes. In case the notoriously observant coach missed anything, the eye in the sky was there to record every success, and every foible.


With practice concluded, I looked out to find two players still on the field. Backup quarterbacks Tim Hiller and Tom Bradstater were running through individual passing drills, taking advantage of the only field time they’re allotted. That’s what happens when Peyton Manning is the starter.

Aside from Hiller and Bradstater, the rest of the Colts spent  several minutes signing autographs for the multitudes of screaming fans before retreating to the locker room.


John Gill, a backup defensive tackle, was most accommodating with his time and signature. Unfortunately for those who received his ink, Gill was found by the police three days later passed out drunk in a random parking lot. Whoops. Probably won’t be able to get much on Ebay for that signature now.


The players weren’t the only ones available for autographs.


The cheerleaders, as you can expect, were most popular.

Unexpectedly, so was this guy.


Hey, is that Clint Session?

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