Stutz Artists Association Presents Daring to be Different

The Stutz Artists Association offers a home to Indianapolis artists like no other. With both gallery and studio space available to Indianapolis art makers in the Stutz Building on the north side of Indianapolis downtown, this fixture of Indianapolis culture continually gives artists a chance to reinvent and explore as they change the landscape of art in Indianapolis. This month the Stutz Artist Association presents Daring to be Different: Nature, Spirit and Art” an Indianapolis art show featuring the work of Terri McClathcie, Carol L. Myers and Michael Swolsky. Through August 27, Indianapolis people are invited to engage with the various mediums of these three vastly different artists as they take journey’s independent of each other to arrive on common ground.

Upon first glance, visitors to the Stutz Art Space this August might be hard pressed to find a common thread in this Indianapolis art gallery. Each artist employs distinctly different textures, color and styles to convey meaning and emotion. Though their interpretations are extremely different their subject is the same. See how each individual embraces, reveals and depicts nature and its elements.

Using her intuitive nature, Terri McClatchie creates multi layered paintings that incorporate crystals. She is well known in Indianapolis interior design circles for her illustrative faux paintings which blend earth with art. Experiencing a duality in her life between her work as an artist and her interest in vibrational healing, McClatchie has found away to combine the two paths of her personal journey into something she calls “Elemental Art.”

This mixed media format combines multiple layers of oils and acrylic paint along with crystals and other earthly elements. The result is an emotionally uplifting and spiritually charged piece of work that reflect her passion for creating springs for both soul and spirit. She intends to raise the vibration of the environment with her work, thus promoting health, balance and healing with her art.

In a different vein, Carol L. Myers explores earthly objects such as shells, bones, fossils, bare trees and roots through meditative pencil drawings. Her fascination with these architectural elements of nature comes through in this work as does a strong perspective on the internal landscape of spirit in connection to nature. As she shares her drawings and quilted work with Indianapolis people, she delves into the heart of humanity’s both simplistic and complex connection to and dependence on nature.

Finally, Michael Swolsky picks a bold medium in metal sculpture to create his personal connection to nature. Using torches and welding equipment, Swolsky creates brilliant natural colors with heat infusions on copper and steal. He then shapes and enhances his creations with griding and shaping tools. His multidimensional creations are brilliant expressions of vibrancy and life. The contrast between his initial cold and seemingly unchangeable medium and the final outcome of his work creating bright colors and effortless lines stands as a metaphor for our own limitations and the limitations we have placed on nature.

Take a journey through the work of Teri McClatchie, Carol L. Myers and Mike Swolsky as you see three very different interpretations of nature. Now at the Stutz Art Space through August 27, this Indianapolis art show offers a glimpse into the minds of three premiere Indianapolis artists.

Head to Indianapolis downtown for “Daring to be Different: Nature, Spirit and Art,” an Indianapolis art event at the Stutz Art Space open Monday through Friday from Noon to 2:00 pm and by appointment. After you peruse the galleries this week, enjoy any of your many options of Devour Downtown, where gourmet Indianapolis restaurants and Indianapolis bars open their doors with discounted menus.

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Daring to be Different: Nature, Spirit and Art
Now through August 27

Stutz Art Space
212 West 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN