Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour: Kick Back

Everybody can use a little after work relaxation every once in a while. Life in the Indianapolis business world can be stressful, whether you’re slinging appetizers at an Indianapolis restaurant or helping clients in downtown Indianapolis. Unwinding before heading home to family, bills, and responsibilities is essential to staying happy and sane. That’s why the folks that run the IndyFringe Theater Festival decided to throw a casual, laid back Indianapolis event that will provide residents of the Circle City with a chance to kick back, drink a homemade brew or two from Sun King Brewery, listen to some fine Indianapolis music by Sarah Grain, and learn a bit about the beer in their hands with author Rita Kohn. It’s Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour at the IndyFringe Building on Thursday, October 21 in Indianapolis, and it’s the perfect time to take a load off after work.

Video interview of Rita Kohn discussing True Brew with Jon Barnes of the Indianapolis Public Library; Rita Kohn will be speaking at Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour at the IndyFringe Building in Indianapolis


The IndyFringe Building on Mass Ave is usually a hub of Indianapolis performing arts and theatre, but on October 21 it will be the cultural home of one of the oldest of all beverages: beer. Sun King Brewery will be a major part of the Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour; they’ll provide participants with a round of beer tastings that will feature plenty of their signature brews. Complimenting the hoppy deliciousness of the Sun King beers will be salty snacks from The Pita Pit, making the IndyFringe Building a relaxing stop on your way home.

But Brew, Books, and Happy Hour isn’t limited to the drinking, talking, and eating. There will be plenty of entertainment throughout the night, and, who knows, you might even learn something. If you’re curious about the history of the Sun King Brewery beers you’re drinking and the history of other microbreweries in Indiana, Hoosier author Rita Kohn will be on tap to speak about her newest book, True Brew: A Guide to Craft Beer in Indiana. In the book, Kohn and her co-writer, Kris Arnold, conducted a set of interviews with Indiana brewmasters about the history of their craft. Going all the way back to the days of Prohibition, the brewers’ stories are inspirational and arduous, showcasing the social, economic, and artistic difficulties of brewing a top notch beer. More than a simple account of a difficult skill, True Brew casts the brewers as one part in an interconnected web of aficionados, civic pride, and social progress. Rita Kohn will also introduce a few other Indiana microbreweries at the Brews, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour event, so you can taste the best product of the Hoosier State all in one place.

Video of Rita Kohn discussing True Brew with World Class Beverages; Rita Kohn will be speaking at Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour in Indianapolis


No relaxing night at an Indianapolis bar or brewery would be complete without some sort of Indianapolis music, and Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour doesn’t disappoint there either. Indianapolis musician Sarah Grain will be performing all evening at the IndyFringe Building, adding a delicate background soundtrack to the night. Grain has been part of the Indy music scene for ten years, first getting her start in an Indianapolis band called Undefeatable Beats, a hip-hop collaboration. Nowadays she’s performing as a singer-songwriter with stripped down, beautiful instrumentation. Her soft, dynamic voice guides her perfectly composed songs through familiar folk terrain, but she does it all with a frank openness that gives the songs a whole new life.

Video of Sarah Grain (vocals and keys) performing with TJ Reynolds at Radio Radio in Indianapolis

Terrain, Sarah Grain’s latest album, which she released at a show at the Earth House Collective in 2010, earned her a cover story in NUVO Newsweekly. Not just an esteemed Indianapolis musician, Grain is also an active member of the community: she is the Director of Community Outreach for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc., an Indianapolis non-profit organization that promotes the upkeep of Indianapolis parks and the beautification of neighborhoods. Her soothing music should keep things nice and low key at the Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour.

If your work week is starting to stress you out, mark your calendar for October 21, when Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour comes to the IndyFringe Building in downtown Indianapolis. Kick back and relax with award winning beers from Sun King Brewery, chat with your friends as you munch on delicious Pita Pit snacks, learn a little something about the struggle of Hoosier breweries as Rita Kohn talks about True Brew, and let your worries melt away with the sweet sounds of Sarah Grain and her guitar. All the elements are here for a wonderful taste of Indianapolis nightlife without all the bright lights and loud music. Tickets to this Indianapolis event are just $10, and it begins at 5:30, just enough time for you to drive over to the IndyFringe Building from work. Take a break, have a beer, and read a book, all at Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour on Thursday, October 21!

Brew, Books, and Fringe Happy Hour at the IndyFringe, 2010

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