2011 Sin and Redemption at the Athenaeum Theatre: Tonight Through Tomorrow

Sin and Redemption? Intriguing name, don’t you think? It’s the Indianapolis Athenaeum’s way of overcoming all your winter blues at once and then redeeming yourself right after you do. And it’s happening tonight, Saturday, February 5, 2011, starting at 6:00 p.m., and going until tomorrow at noon.

The full title for this big party is “Sin and Redemption: Kölner Karneval.” Kölner refers to the Athenaeum’s sister city in Germany, Cologne. Sin and Redemption is a tip of the hat to the Mardi Gras traditions incorporated in the Cologne Carnival Festival since the early 1800’s. Lavish partying, dancing and dining were incorporated, in those times, in grand masked balls with costumes.

Tonight’s version of the German Mardi Gras celebration is not so far off. Like the festival in Cologne, the event in the Circle City will include a Grand March and a Presentation of the Karneval Royalty, along with all the rest of the reveling. Sponsored by the venerable Athenaeum Turners and the Athenaeum Foundation, Sin and Redemption’s proceeds go to the Foundation, so it’s a tried and true cause.

This happy event in Indianapolis, in the dead of winter, is calculated to get your energy flowing to the max. It’s basically one big costume party, and there will be prizes for best costumes and you can dance the night away to the live music of Jay Fox and the Bavarian Showtime Band.

Here’s a video of the band called Living Proof rocking the halls of Indy‘s venerable, historic Athenaeum. You’ll enjoy a different kind of music at the “Sin and Redemption” carnival this evening. The band is Jay Fox & the Bavarian Showtime.


Indianapolis’ Athenaeum Theatre is a historic landmark in the downtown Indianapolis sector, one of the principle Indianapolis attractions on a long, long list. Atmospheric and inviting, the Athenaeum Theatre is considered a prime venue for performing arts in Indianapolis. It’s buoyed up by next-door presence of the Rathskellar Restaurant, purveyor of fun and authentic German food, and one of the most popular restaurants in Indianapolis.

Get the drop on Mardi Gras the Hoosier way, and immerse yourself in the living, breathing history of Indianapolis. Sin and Redemption at the Athenaeum is a costume party and dance where you can let your hair down. A unique and delightful thing to do in Indianapolis, it has a price tag of only $20, or $100 for a table of eight. You could even make it your big Valentines Day celebration for 2011. That would give you more time for the “redemption” part.

Sin and Redemption: Kölner Karneval

Tickets: $20

Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011, 6:00 pm through Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011 at noon

Athenaeum Theatre

401 E Michigan St

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Visit the event page online


Tickets: $5 for individuals, $12 for the entire family

Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Don’t miss the special KinderKarneval, the Athenaeum’s German Mardi Gras for children in Indianapolis and the nearby Central Indiana cities. The little ones attend in costume, and the big ones can do likewise if they wish. It’s tons of fun with lots of dancing and music in Indianapolis.


Athenaeum Auditorium

401 E Michigan St

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Visit the event page online for more information