Pink Lace Diamond to Involve Audience in Classic Whodunit at Oaklandon Civic Theatre

There’s nothing that invigorates the sleuthing spirit more than a classic whodunit. From frenetic bouts of Clue that last long into the night to the drug store murder mystery novel you keep tucked away in your glove box lest you encounter a boring traffic jam, amateur detective work has always enthralled people across the United States. Even Indianapolis theatre hasn’t been exempt from America’s need to solve; few plays are as riveting as the ones in which an audience member is guilty and doesn’t even know it. Starting in April, the Oaklandon Civic Theatre in Indianapolis will be putting on performances of The Pink Lace Diamond, a murder mystery with plenty of quirks.

From the official Oaklandon Civic Theatre press release for The Pink Lace Diamond: “At the Prince Regent Hotel, guests in the dining room are enjoying dessert and live music in the elegant building where the upper crust and powerful congregate. Soon the festivities will be interrupted by the discovery of a dead body. Bumbling Inspector Ian Buchanan Clueless takes charge of the case which, it turns out, is related to the disappearance of the Pink Lace Diamond. The Inspector’s notoriety for successfully solving murder cases is attributed to his unusual investigative method. He expects everyone who has witnessed the crime to be a sleuth.

Video of a showing of The Pink Lace Diamond at a Christmas party; The Pink Lace Diamond will be showing at Oaklandon Civic Theatre in Indianapolis from April 29 to May 8, 2011


The Pink Lace Diamond is an audience interaction mystery solving play where the guests mingle with the suspects and attempt to solve the crime. Staged in the lower level of Oaklandon Civic Theatre, the cabaret style setting has audience members seated in investigative teams where they can enjoy coffee and dessert while pooling their observations. Who will they accuse? Will it be the playboy investor? … the ruthless Scottish widow?… the meddling maid?… or one of the other affluent guests staying at the Indianapolis hotel? Those who are able to corner the correct suspect and supply the correct motive will receive a special reward.”

The Oaklandon Civic Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in the Circle City, built around 1850 and the holder of a “notable” distinction by the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Architecture. The theater, whose productions have been displayed at the Spirit and Place Festival and at Indiana University – Purdue University (IUPUI), has recently come into its own as a venue for local playwrights to strut their stuff, and The Pink Lace Diamond is sure to be another showcase of talent from the Indy theater. The Oaklandon Civic Theatre’s  intimate interior and historic setting are the perfect combination for an audience involvement murder mystery. The Pink Lace Diamond could be a great Indianapolis thing to do for those looking for a little change of pace from the standard Indianapolis performing arts production.

If you’re interested in solving a mystery, eating a sumptuous dessert, and being entertained to boot, The Pink Lace Diamond may be the play for you. And the Oaklandon Civic Theatre has ensured that you’ll have plenty of chances to see it: The Pink Lace Diamond will be running every Friday and Saturday from April 29 through May 7 at 8:00 p.m. and every Sunday from May 1 to May 8 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets to this Indianapolis event are $15, but that includes The Pink Lace Diamond, a dessert bar, and drinks. Since the Oaklandon Civic Theatre is a fairly small venue, reservations are recommended to ensure you get seats. You can make reservations for the play by calling 317.823.4761 (ext. 4) or by heading to the Oaklandon Civic Theatre’s homepage and clicking the “Reservations” button. Think you can solve the mystery of the Pink Lace Diamond? Then head on down to the Oaklandon Civic Theatre and put your magnifying glass where your mouth is.

The Pink Lace Diamond at Oaklandon Civic Theatre
April 29 to May 7: Friday and Saturday at 8:00; May 1 to May 8: Sunday at 2:00 p.m.
Tickets: $15 (includes show, dessert, and drinks)

Oaklandon Civic Theatre
6450 Oaklandon Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46236

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