Victorian Theatre by Candlelight: Murder Most Merry

Victorian Theatre by Candlelight is back at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Home. This historic Indianapolis museum is an homage to the late President Benjamin Harrison, an Indiana born and bred politician who came to lead the United States as the 23rd President. This historic Indiana landmark presents a unique idea for Indianapolis theater, recreating three mystery classics from the Victorian era in Victorian Theatre by Candlelight: Murder Merry Most.

Each performed in a different room these classic tales of murder and deceit follow depict bone chilling experiences. In Not My Cup of Tea, audiences play witness to two scheming spinsters out for vengeance. As these two dark ladies serve up a mysterious concoction of brewed tea leaves, you will never let you see a cup of tea the same way again. This A.F. Groff one-act is “to die for.”
In Pat Cook’s Pandora’s Revenge an eccentric lady plays cat and mouse with an insurance sales man. Everyone knows the legend of Pandora’s box that when opened let loose all the evils in the world. When Marvin Hanover shows up on Miss Thorndyke (a.k.a. Ida Simpson). As she questions him about some disturbing events on the evening news, Marvin starts to feel the heat. How will he escape the clutches of this crazed woman?

Finally, Victorian Theatre Candlelight presents An Inspectors Answers by Philip Hart. This criss-crossing play centers on a double crossing family, out to get each other. After the disappearance of Lady Fitzbuttress, her husband (Sir Reginald) is tricked into confessing to her murder. Yet Reginald is having second thoughts, hoping to instead still his dead wife’s fortune and skip town with his mistress. When the Inspector arrives to sort out the mess, he is cruelly murdered. As the bodies begin to pile up, the truth comes out. Find out who the real mastermind of this scheme is.

Audience will travel through the Benjamin Harrision Presidential Home, as each room provides a realistic setting for these thrilling one-act stories. With an almost voyerestic sense, peer into the crazed minds of murderous characters at Victorian Theatre by Candlelight. Romance is not dead at the Benjamin Harrision Presidential Home.

With Indianapolis cultural events throughout the year, the President Benajamin Harrision Home provides and array of visual, theatrical and musical art to Hoosiers. Take advantage of this historic home, located in the Historic Old Northside of Indainapolis downtown, where Victorian History comes to life.

Don’t miss this intriguing Indianapolis performing arts event in the heart of Indianapolis downtown. Located near Mass Ave cultural district, this chilling evening of stories is perfectly complimented with dinner from any these Indianapolis restaurants. Or head for drinks at any of these Indianapolis bars.

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Victorian Theatre by Candlelight: Murder Most Merry
Friday and Saturday, April 15 and 16 at 8:00 pm
Sunday, April 17 at 2:00 pm

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Home
1230 North Delaware Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202