5 Lucky Hoosiers Take Share of Indiana Live! Casino’s “$180,000 Great Mortgage Giveaway”

People all across Indiana have felt the pain of a U.S. economy that has not been choosey in deciding whose job is next on the chopping block. In August of 2010, Hoosier Vanessa Dunkley got ‘the ax’ when she lost her job, and along with it, her peace of mind.

But the pendulum of fortune recently swung the right way for Dunkley as she and her husband, Bryan, won the second-prize of $48,000 in the Indiana Live! Casino’s “$180,000 Great Mortgage Giveaway”. “We’ve been pretty lucky here,” Vanessa Dunkley said. “We’ve been to a few casinos and this is the best one as far as winning. It’s awesome.” The Dunkley’s will receive won $48,000, or $4,000 per month for one year. The grand prize winner left with $60,000, or $5,000 per month for 1 year. “We knew one of the two of us was going to win. For some reason, we just had a feeling,” said Vanessa Dunkley. “We are very, very blessed. It feels wonderful.”

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