MIBOR Centennial Project: Building a Living Legacy

The Metropolitan Indiana Board of REALTORS (MIBOR) will be celebrating its 100th year in Indianapolis real estate in 2012, but they won’t be having a party. Instead, MIBOR and its philanthropic arm, the REALTOR Foundation, will be making sure that 32 families on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis will be able to throw housewarming parties of their own in brand new abodes. Yes, in the place of a blockbuster Indianapolis event with black ties and cocktails, MIBOR and the REALTOR Foundation are giving back to the Central Indiana city they call home and lending a hand (or a house) to some of its more disadvantaged residents in the process. Far from resting on its 100 year laurels, MIBOR seeks to build a living legacy that will benefit generations of Hoosiers in Indy with the MIBOR Centennial Project: Building a Living Legacy.

Video commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors in 2012

The Building a Living Legacy Project is a piece of the larger Super Bowl Housing Legacy Project, a program that aims to impact more than 200 homes on the Near Eastside, a neighborhood that’s undergoing a huge transformation. “The objective of the Super Bowl Legacy initiative is to make a lasting difference in people’s lives while improving the Near Eastside neighborhood,” Mark Miles, chairman of the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee, said in an Inside Indiana Business article, “The collaboration between MIBOR, the Near Eastside residents and the Host Committee is delivering on this objective.” Of those 200 homes, 32 (one for each team in the NFL, including the Indianapolis Colts) are being funded by an initial REALTOR Foundation donation of $500,000, but individual realtors, Indianapolis non-profit organizations, and other residents are chipping in as well. $100 donations (to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of MIBOR) are accepted on the MIBOR home page.

Video featuring Mark Miles discussing the MIBOR Building a Lasting Legacy Project on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis.

The MIBOR Centennial Project is designed to give several homeless families in Indianapolis a place to put down roots…permanently. Not only will these 32 disadvantaged families have a new place to live on the Near Eastside, they’ll also have a support network through the John H. Boner Community Center; the Community Center will help families with social services, including financial coaching and career development, so they can get their lives back on track. The entire neighborhood will undergo a complete revitalization; boarded up and crumbling properties will be torn down, decrepit homes will be rehabbed, new sidewalks and curbs will be added, roads will be resurfaced, and new “green” alleyways that will channel rainwater will be implemented. New Indianapolis businesses are also cropping up in the neighborhood: “We have a new grocery — Pogue’s Run Grocer — an Indy Food Co-op initiative that offers fresh, healthy food,” said Jay Pearl in an online article for the Indianapolis Star, “Across the street, Little Green Bean Boutique, a children’s shop, has opened, and there’s a new yoga center…It’s exciting to see the changes, not only in the way the neighborhood looks, but in the attitudes of those who live here.”

Video of one of homes on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis that’s being revitalized as part of the MIBOR Centennial Project


Indianapolis sports won’t be the only thing to benefit from the 2012 Super Bowl at Lucas Oil Stadium. Thanks to the Super Bowl Housing Legacy Project, MIBOR, and the REALTOR Foundation, families are finding new footing in a formerly decrepit neighborhood. You too can help in revitalizing the Near East Side of Indianapolis by donating to the Building a Living Legacy project; if you’re a member of MIBOR, visit the organization’s donation page to deliver your gift of $100 to disadvantaged Indianapolis children and their families. Offices are also needed to adopt Legacy houses and provide support with “basic household items and groceries.” Celebrate 100 years of Indianapolis real estate by giving a hand to the community that makes it all possible with the MIBOR Centennial Project: Building a Living Legacy.

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For press information on the MIBOR Centennial Project, contact Claire Belby at 317.956.5232

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