Project Purple Hat Supports Gay Rights at Monument Circle

In the 1960s African Americans overcame the shackles of discrimination by making their voices heard. Now the United States if filled with a different kind of discrimination, preventing gay and lesbian individuals to their rights as citizens of this nation. The Purple Hat Project take over Monument Circle in Indianapolis downtown Friday, June 3, encouraging Indianapolis people to take a stand by wearing purple.

In 2011, a bill passed through the Indiana House of Representatives banning gay marriage and gay adoption throughout the state. This pairing down of rights of gay and lesbian individuals is the first step toward a greater climate of discrimination against fellow Americans. In response to the news Mickey Maurer of the Indianapolis Business Journal responded by comparing this treatment to the way Nazi Germany discriminated against Jews. In his article, Maurer suggested, satirically, that the Indiana State Government should not stop at limiting the God given rights of gay and lesbian individuals. Why not “enact legislation requiring immigrants and homosexuals to wear purple hats,” says Maurer.
The idea  of passing a bill to easily identify gay and lesbian citizens, which Maurer poses, is a take on the kind of treatment other discriminatory societies employed throughout history. “They have been used to identify people who are not like us for hundreds of years,” says Maurer, “before even the Spanish Inquisition or the Aryan Society of Germany.” The point Maurer makes, and the question we all want to know the answer to, is “When will it stop?” How far will our legislators go before they are satisfied with the limitation of rights of tax paying American citizens?

The Purple Hat Project intends to keep asking this question until things change for the better. Formed in response to Maurer’s article, the Purple Hat Project’s goal is to show Indiana that there are many Hoosiers in our state who do not support this kind of discrimination in any form. Friday, June 3rd they intend to Paint the Town Purple. This Indianapolis event happens all around Indianapolis downtown. Indianapolis businesses will provide discounts and incentives for people who wear purple that day.

Participating businesses include:

  • Just Pop In, who will offer purple pop corn.
  • Puppy Playground will give you a voucher for a free dog wash when you wear purple as you drop your dog off.
  • The Sinking Ship hosts a purple party with drink specials for purple clad patrons and live Indianapolis music.
  • Zesco. Receive a free “green” shopping bag when you give the Purple Hat Project a shout out on their website.
  • House of 5th is giving a 15% discount on all purple children’s tees.
  • Forty Five Degrees hosts a kick off party at 4:30 pm featuring the Faces of Love live gallery, the premiere of the Purple Hat Project “Love Stories” video, purple martinis and more.
  • Radio Radio, in the hip Indianapolis cultural district Fountain Square, gives $2.00 off their cover charge to people wearing purple.
  • Birdy’s offers live music and a discount to purple patrons at the door.
  • Talbott Street will run a purple shot special and all people in for FREE if they wear purple.

Help highlight the ridiculous move of our Indiana State Government in limiting the rights of gay and lesbian Hoosiers. In the words of the Purple Hat Project: “This is not a gay or straight issue, it’s about standing up for what is right!” Wear purple Friday, June 3 to show your support for this important cause.

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Paint the Town Purple
Friday, June 3