First Friday Art Walk Downtown: June 3

Celebrate the beginning of June with the First Friday Art Walk. This Friday, June 3 Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA) presents the First Friday Art Walk. This FREE Indianapolis event takes over Indianapolis art galleries across Indianapolis downtown. With new work featured in every art gallery each month, no First Friday is like the last. See what Indianapolis artists have created this Spring as Summer gets into full swing this Friday.

Stutz Artists Association: The Couch Show

First Friday is all about connecting artists and patrons from central Indiana. First and foremost, this connection helps to build a community where inspiration is cyclical. Indianapolis artists create work about their home, which inspires Indianapolis people, who are part of the population of the artist’s home. While this is noble in and of itself, the second major purpose of First Fridays is to put food on these artist’s tables and paint on their palette.

However, many First Friday patrons who love the work of our local artists often hesitate to take this art home with them. It may clash with the rug, or be over shadowed by the lamp. “Will it go with the couch?” the puzzle as the art hangs perfect and shimmering in an almost surgical environment of a white walled gallery. The Stutz Art Space bridges the gap between modern art appreciation and interior design at their upcoming gallery exhibition.

Any piece of art we buy needs to fit in our lives when we take it home. For this reason, the Stutz Artists Association will show their fine art work within a living space. Two local interior design teams have created living room spaces using furniture from their shops paired with fine art by the Stutz artists. Shop for art and give your living room a face lift in the process.

Stutz Art Space Gallery
212 West 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN

iMOCA: My Son Future Time Traveler

What happens when an artist is thrust into the role of father? Cincinnati based artist Ryan Mulligan experienced this and aims to share his new found perspective with the national arts scene. While his work has always revolved around magical thinking, Mulligan’s work takes on a more free wheeling and inventive turn with influence from his 5 month old son, Hobbs.

The center piece of his upcoming show at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) is a “time machine” built for Hobbs, which deals with Mulligan’s new role as a dad. It also features work from a collection related to the idea that his son will one day experience time travel professionally.

“These shelves of objects and clusters of paintings are my way of dealing with the fear that I can’t protect this little guy,” said Mulligan. “That I can’t accurately communicate with him. And that I’m not suppose to be his best friend; I’m suppose to take care of him.”

While all of Mulligan’s work to date has taken on an autobiographical tone, the birth of his son has taken this artist on a new and exciting path with his work. Rather than process the tragedy of his father’s car accident when he was four years old, Mulligan now uses his work to express his universally felt fears about being a parent.

1043 Virginia Avenue
Suite 5
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Earth House Collective: Windows and Mirrors

This nationally touring art exhibit gives a glimpse into the human cost of the War in Afghanistan. It consists of forty five original panels created by international artists and United States students to help American citizens understand the scope of the Afghan experience – from death and destruction to hopes for peace. Plus, drawings from Afghan students in Kabul collected last summer, allow for a look inside life in the war zone.

Measuring more than 900 feet, this collage of experience stands as the voice of an engaged artistic community speaking to us on both intellectual and emotional levels. These “windows” help us understand the impact of this war on the daily lives of Afghan people and simultaneously become “mirrors” reflecting our identity as citizens of a nation at war. This Indianapolis art exhibit calls us, and our country, to act.

See “Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan” at the Earth House Collective June 3 to June 24. Learn more about the exhibit by visiting the American Friends of Service Committee (AFSC) website.

Earth House Collective
237 North East Street
Indianapolis, IN

Big Car Gallery: Welcome to the Town of Tuccenen

Brandon Schaaf, a mainstay of the Indianapolis performing arts group Know No Stranger, will have his imagination spattered on the walls, floors and ceilings of the Big Car Gallery in Fountain Square this month. He transforms the space into the imaginary town of Tuccenen (pronounced Touch-Chenen). The show centers around four characters in the town: Timber McSlurm Jr., Gary Gregory, Tobacco Jasper and Sioux Twelve.

Schaaf explains, “If this show were a soup, the ingredients would be every person I love and their wardrobes, my dearest memories, my saddest memories, my iPod, my bicycle and my favorite colors. But if you poured the soup into a bowl, it would just look like four cool guys in a Midwest town living lives eerily similar to my own.”

Schaaf’s presentation of his town is so complete that a punk rock band from the town called Honeybeast will perform at his First Friday opening. “All of the guys [featured in his town] are into this band except Gary, which is ironic because his cousin Yorick Daffey is a member of it.”

See his exhibit June 3 from 6 to 11 pm and by appointment through June 18.

Big Car Gallery
1043 Virginia Avenue
Suite 215
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Midland Art and Antiques Mall: Recent Works From Erin Lawrance Salewicz and William Lawrance

The Midland Art and Antiques Mall near Mass Ave in Indianapolis downtown is transformed into an Indianapolis art gallery by the work of Erin Lawrance Salewicz and William Lawrance. Enjoy a blend of stunning photography and expressive paintings on the first floor of this Indianapolis shopping mecca.

Both Erin and Will will be around to discuss their work with fellow Hoosiers. She is a graphic designer from Zionsville, Indiana who implements unconventional materials and re-purposed materials into her work to create a synergy of color, texture and pattern. Will is a painter who works in various styles from photo realism to abstract.

See their work at Midland through June 30th. Learn more about these artists by visiting their website.

Midland Art and Antiques Mall
907 East Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN

First Friday Art Walk

Indianapolis downtown comes to life as Hoosiers pour through the streets enjoying the imaginations of Indy’s best artists. Once a month each Indianapolis cultural district from Fountain Square to Mass Ave is a buzz with art loving action. Don’t miss the June 2011 First Friday Art Walk; what better time to walk than when the weather is warm?

Before you don your walking shoes, enjoy dinner at any of these Indianapolis restaurants. Between art galleries pop into any of these Indianapolis bars for a refreshing drink. Stay tuned to Fun City for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. We cover Indianapolis music and Indianapolis theatre to Indianapolis sports and more!

First Friday Art Walk
June 3
IDADA Website