The Children’s Museum Opens New National Geographic Exhibit

As the best children’s museum in the entire United States, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offers Indianapolis kids an experience like no other. This Indianapolis attraction transports visitors around the world and through time with the Dinosphere to Take Me There Egypt. They open their newest permanent exhibit this weekend. National Geographic Treasures of the Earth at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis opens to the public June 11. Access to the new exhibit is included in the price of admission to the museum.

This exciting new exhibit is actually three new exhibits including an Egyptian Tomb, a pirate’s shipwreck and ancient Chinese warriors. This one of a kind immersive family learn experience offers guests a chance to excavate various historical sites to uncover the fascinating world of treasures discovered around the globe. “This incredible exhibit will transport families to world-renowned archaeological excavation sites filled with amazing treasures for a hands-on adventure,” said Dr. Jeffery H. Patchen, president and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
In addition to displaying amazing artifacts from Ancient China, Ancient Egypt and the historic world of pirates, the exhibit is unique as a symbol of a new partnership between the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the National Geographic Society. Teams from both the museum and the National Geographic Society visited historic sites and met with experts in China, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, Washington D.C. and Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana to prepare the exhibit.

“Visitors to the exhibition will feel as if they’ve embarked on an international adventure as they learn about the meticulous aspects of an archaeologist’s work and take an active role in discovering and investigating these sites,” said Susan Norton, director of the National Geographic Museum. “Since our founding in 1888, National Geographic has shared amazing stories and incredible discoveries with each new generation. The “Treasures of the Earth” exhibition at The Children’s Museum is another way for us to do just that.”

The Tomb of Seti I (Valley of the Kings in Eqypt)

Seti I’s tomb is the longest, deepest and most ornate tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Learn about this ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and Egyptian traditions as you wander through a careful re-creation of the beautifully carved tomb. Join up with an archaeological team excavating the tomb and discover clues to uncover the truth about the tomb. Interpret hieroglyphs, read a CT scan, see real artifacts and reassemble the Pharaoh’s broken sarcophagus lid.

Terra Cotta Warriors (Xi’an, China)

At only 13 Zhao Zheng became the rule of the Kingdom of Qin and took the title of Qin Shi Huangdi, which means “First Emperor.” (Qin is pronounced “chin”). The area we call China today is derived from this name. Learn about the boy king and how he revolutionized his empire, unifying it politically and economically. Dig for pieces of the emperor’s past as you excavate his former kingdom.

Captain Kidd Shipwreck (Dominican Republic)

William Kidd commanded a ship that was legally contracted by the British government to attack pirates and commandeer enemy trade ships during wartime. When he captured Cara Merchant in 1696, it was the end of the line for Kidd, who was hanged for being a pirate. Learn about life in the 17th century and see the only cannon brought to the surface from the only pirate shipwreck ever discovered in the Caribbean.

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National Geographic Treasures of the Earth
Opens June 11

Educator Networking Night at the Children’s Museum – Treasures of the Earth

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
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Indianapolis, IN 46206