Third Annual Scavenge the Ave: Comb Mass Ave for Clues, Win Prizes, Save Literacy

Think you know Mass Ave? The most artistically minded Indianapolis cultural district is rife with places to go for Indianapolis nightlife, Indianapolis theaters that host every sort of play, skit, and presentation imaginable, and a slew of Indianapolis bars where locals go to drown their sorrows or revel in youth almost every weekend night. It’s a lot of ground to cover, even if you’re an Indianapolis resident, but the rewards are plentiful. Whether you’re a Mass Ave Master or someone who’s only just begun to explore the district, you can compete for prizes, respect, and fun in the third annual Scavenge the Ave scavenger hunt on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Not only will Scavenge the Ave be a fun event on its own, it also goes to support a good cause. One in five Indianapolis residents are illiterate; Scavenge the Ave and its creator, Indy Reads, are looking to change all that, and hunting through Indianapolis’ most vibrant cultural district is a good way to start.

Video of the NUVO street team participating in the 2010 Scavenge the Ave in the Mass Ave cultural district of Indianapolis

Scavenge the Ave, now entering its third year, is the annual urban scavenger hunt sponsored by Indy Reads and the Mass Ave Merchant’s Association. The six block scavenger hunt is intended to raise awareness about adult literacy while giving Indianapolis people something unique to do with their Wednesday at the same time. Participants are invited to register groups of one to four hunters; you can take on the cultural district on your own or get the brain trust together to decipher clues and win top prize. On the day of the event, registered groups or individuals will show up at the Athenaeum, where they will get a map of Mass Ave, rules of the game, and their first clue. Once Scavenge the Ave is officially kicked off, groups will scour the district, combing Indianapolis businesses for clues and pieces of the puzzle. Winning teams will get discounts at local Mass Ave businesses and the chance to win even bigger prizes through a drawing.

Video of NUVO previewing the inaugural Scavenge the Ave scavenger hunt in Indianapolis in 2009


Scavenge the Ave
is the brainchild of Indy Reads, an Indianapolis non-profit organization that has been promoting literacy and education in the Circle City since 1984, when they were known as the Greater Indianapolis Literacy League. The organization is primarily interested in helping adults; the group gives assistance to Indy residents age 18 or above who read at or below a sixth grade level. Accredited by ProLiteracy Worldwide, Indy Reads focuses on Indianapolis education programs that will help Indy adults lead productive, fulfilling lives. Several other Indianapolis media outlets and organizations have helped make Scavenge the Ave possible in 2011, including NUVO Newsweekly, the Athenaeum Foundation, Urban Times, Giving Sum, the Mass Ave Merchants’ Association.

Video of a group of NUVO Newsweekly interns trying to decipher clues and claim victory in the 2010 Scavenge the Ave event sponsored by Indy Reads in Indianapolis

Get to know the most flamboyant Indianapolis cultural district on an up close and personal level with Scavenge the Ave on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Sponsored by Indy Reads, all proceeds from Scavenge the Ave go toward raising awareness of and combating adult illiteracy in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. This Indianapolis event begins at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at the Athenaeum building. The six block scavenger hunt should last until around 9:00, at which points winners will be announced and prizes given out to lucky contestants. Pre-registration is encourage; you can register groups of up to five hunters, and each person costs $10. You can register online here, where you can also choose to give an additional donation to Indy Reads. Comb through Mass Ave for a good cause this coming Wednesday, June 15, 2011 with Scavenge the Ave and Indy Reads!

Third Annual Scavenge the Ave
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Tickets: $10 per person
Event Homepage

The Athenaeum

401 E Michigan St #3
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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