Calling All Videographers: Join the 2011 LIVE UNITED Video Competition

Can you be creative with a video camera? Are you quite possibly the next Steven Spielberg? Does a catered lunch with 50 of your closest friends at the Indianapolis Colts’ Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center sound good?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then we’ve got just one thing to say:

Join the 2011 LIVE UNITED Video Competition!!!

That’s right, drop whatever you’re doing RIGHT NOW–unless it involves a video camera. Even if all you have is a cell phone video camera, the United Way of Central Indiana wants to see what you can do. You see, this competition isn’t about who has the most expensive equipment. It’s about who can bring his or her imagination to life and inspire viewers to laugh, cry, scream–whatever. It’s about you doing what you do best: Creating awesome videos!

The Genesis of Giving Gleefully

This year, the United Way of Central Indiana has come up with a new idea to get the word out about the good work being done across the Hoosier state by United Way volunteers. “Give Gleefully” is the 2011 LIVE UNITED video competition that encourages you to share your United Way story.

The inspiration for the idea came to creator Marianne Glick one night while she was watching the television show “Glee.” “They had a story about doing a flash mob to increase interest in what was going on,” she explains. “I realized that with all the younger, technical, hip people the United Way is trying to reach, we needed something like that to get their interest. I thought it would be cool to have a YouTube type of competition.”

With viral videos popping up not only on our computer screens, but also on television talk shows and even news programs, this is an apt competition for the modern technological world. “Obviously, it would be wonderful is some or many of the videos went viral!” says Glick. “Think of how many people could be exposed to United Way in a fun, interesting fashion.”

The organizers of the competition ask that all videos tie into the United Way. The videos can feature a slide shows of your time engaging with communities, show off a hidden talent while you wear your United Way t-shirt, tell a story of your experience with United Way, or anything else that relates to United Way. The competition is all about sharing how the United Way of Central Indiana has made a positive impact on your life or the lives of those in your community.

“Because the stories are so powerful,” says Glick, “we anticipate that these videos will help people understand more about all the agencies and programs the United Way supports. It truly crosses gender, age and socio-economic lines. Any one of us could be in the position to need help from the United Way at any time.” Glick hopes that these videos will place United Way on the radar for whole new populations of people in central Indiana. “This video competition has potential to make a huge impact on groups of people who may not have heard of us before,” says Glick.

How to Submit

Get creative as you show of your United Way community or story with the world. Make your Give Gleefully submission and see how your video can make a significant financial impact on the United Way.

Give Gleefully, A Video Competition for the United Way of Central Indiana

Submitting your video is easy. If you don’t have a video camera, most phones or digital still cameras can take video. The submitted material doesn’t need to be high quality, just heartfelt. Have fun being the visionary of your own masterpiece. Download free film editing programs from the web or use a continuous shot. What is most important is that you share your story, have fun and help raise funds for the United Way of Central Indiana. With a final version in hand, visit the Giving Gleefully website (below), upload your video and start sharing it with friends and family.

The Gift of Giving Back

Your videos will serve as fundraising tools for the United Way. Ask friends, family members and coworkers to vote for or donate to your film. As an added bonus, anyone who uploads a video by July 15th will receive a VIP party at Howl at the Moon in Indianapolis downtown.
Videos are eligible for monthly and grand prizes.  At the end of the month, the video with the most votes wins a catered lunch for up to 50 people. The video with the most donations wins a $1,000 Gratitude grant in the filmmaker’s name to their chosen United Way priority, program or agency. At the end of each month both vote and donation counts are cleared giving each video a fresh chance to campaign for a win.

The competition runs through December 12, 2011, when the Grand Prize winners will be chosen. The Grand Prize winner with the most votes between December 5 to 12, 2011 will receive a catered lunch for up to 50 people at the Indianapolis Colts’ Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. The Grand Prize winner with the most donations between December 5 to 12 will win a $5,000 Gratitude Grant in the filmmaker’s name to the United Way of Central Indiana.

Some local filmmakers have already submitted their videos to the cause. Check out the story of Emily: a mother who relied on United Way in a time of crisis. Or hear what volunteer, Geoff, croon about the importance of United Way. Their supporting the United Way with their talent and experience. Bring your skills to the table to help this great cause.

United Way is on a Mission

Use your creativity and artistry to support the United Way of Central Indiana as they provide necessary services to Indianapolis people. With after school programs, counseling, job training, crisis intervention, educational programs and more, the United Way of Central Indiana is helping to give a leg up to deserving Indianapolis kids and their families. In the United Way of Central Indiana’s Diversity Statement the organization expresses a recognition of the “strength of diversity which acknowledges and celebrates a society of different individuals, cultures and perspectives whose knowledge, skills and talents enrich and strengthen us as a people.”

Help support the noble mission of the United Way of Central Indiana. It’s as simple as putting together a viral video that pays tribute to the work of the United Way. For more information about the Giving Gleefully competition, visit it’s website here. For more information about the United Way of Central Indiana, visit

This Indianapolis not for profit organization provides vital human services for those who need help. In the process, they reduce these needs for future generations. The United Way promotes education through tutoring services and reduces barriers for families to achieve their full potential by supporting them with basic needs and other vital services. Through these services the United Way hopes to change Indianapolis communities for the better one family at a time.

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