Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads: Get On Your Hog and Lend a Hand to People With Disabilities

Motorcycle riders have long had a reputation as being surly rebels: hairy, leather clad Hell’s Angels roaring through the streets of America with anarchy and beer on the brain. But that reputation isn’t entirely accurate (though many of them are definitely hairy). Most motorcyclists simply live for the thrill of the open road and the feeling they get when the pistons start pumping underneath them. And they can also have hearts of gold. Instead of Hell’s Angels, the bikers participating in the 2011 Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads are true angels of light. These bikers will be using their hogs to promote ability in all its forms on their annual ride through Indianapolis on July 23, 2011, when the Sertoma Club of North Downtown Indianapolis hosts the second annual Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads.
All proceeds from this Indianapolis event for charity will go toward Easter Seals Crossroads, an Indianapolis non-profit organization that is a leader in helping Indianapolis children and adults with special needs or disabilities. The organization traces its history back to 1936, when Mrs. William E. Gavin and Mrs. P. R. Mallory volunteered their time assist a club of twelve disabled teenagers. Today, Easter Seals Crossroads has a hand in countless services for the developmentally disabled in Central Indiana and Indy. The group is a leader in assistive technology at the Assistive Technology Center, which modifies technology to make it accessible for all. Services provided by Easter Seals Crossroads range through a variety of fields, including adult day services, medical rehabilitation for both adults and children, basic employment services for disable people, and services for Indianapolis people who are deaf.

Video about Charisse Cogell, a person who was helped by Easter Seals Crossroads’ Assistive Technology Center; all proceeds from the Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads go toward the Indianapolis non-profit organization

Motorcycle riders throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana are invited to mount their hogs and ride for charity on July 23, 2011 at the Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads. The ride will begin at Southside Harley, an Indianapolis business located at 4930 Southport Crossing Place, and end at Easter Seals Crossroads headquarters at 4740 Kingsway Drive. There will be prizes, Indianapolis music, and lots of food for hungry riders and guests. But the fun doesn’t end when the last motorcycle crosses the finish line at Easter Seals Crossroads. Once there, Destination: FamilyFest begins. Destination: FamilyFest is a “free picnic in celebration of ability.” Kids may not be old enough to tame the raging machine that is a motorcycle, but they can navigate a marked course on a regular old bicycle. There will be games, appropriate music for the whole family, and even face painting.
If you have a penchant for the open road and a desire to help the more disadvantaged citizens of the Circle City, get on your bike (your motorized one, that is) and participate in the Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads. Registration for the Indianapolis event begins at 9:30 a.m., and the ride begins at 11:00. Registration is $20 for a single rider and $30 for a rider and a passenger. The ride will begin at Southside Harley and end at Easter Seals Crossroads, where the FamilyFest will take place. Come on out to Southside Harley on July 23, 2011 to participate in the Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads and showcase your heart of gold hidden underneath that leather vest.

Ability Ride for Easter Seals Crossroads
Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.
Tickets: $20/single rider, $35/rider and passenger
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Southside Harley Davidson
4930 Southport Crossing Place
Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Easter Seals Crossroads
4740 Kingsway Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46205

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