Business Ownership Initiative of IN: Helping Driven Hoosiers

In today’s tough employment market, many Americans are creating their own opportunities. Self-employment and business ownership is on the rise as the entrepreneurial spirit takes seed in central Indiana. The Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) of Central Indiana helps guide new and seasoned business owners through the tumultuous waters of paper work, self marketing and everything else it takes to stay afloat into today’s society. This Indianapolis not-for-profit organization helps new business owners “start, grow and finance [their] small business by providing business counseling, life skills coaching, mentoring and educational business workshops.” These programs are designed to help Indianapolis business men and women prepare a solid business plan to take to the bank (quite literally). Take advantage of the many programs that the Business Ownership Initiative of Indiana offers to Indianapolis people.
Since 1997, the Business Ownership Initiative of Central Indiana has been serving Indianapolis society by helping folks realize their dreams of business ownership. A one-stop, all inclusive resource for beginning business owners, this organization offers publicly funded programing without bias. Whether new business owners are pulling themselves out of a poverty level situation, have found themselves recently unemployed, want to be their own boss, are returning to the job market after a break or are looking for supplemental income, this organization is here to help.
According to the BOI, “more than 6 of 10 Hoosiers file IRS Form 1040 and [create household income through ‘income patching.'” Under the precept that “the new full-time work is now part-time work and the new part-time work is business ownership,” the Business Ownership Initiative understand the plight of millions of Americans and thousands of Hoosiers trying to make ends meet these days. In an effort to help, BOI provides this growing population with education, business counseling, financial literacy training, life skills coaching and microloans (between $1000 and $4000). They are the only Indiana organization able to offer microloans, which result in higher revenues and net incomes for business owners and promotes job creation.

BOI Summer Workshop Schedule

Introduction to Business Ownership: July 19, 2011 at 6 pm

Find out what it takes to start and own a small business. Assess your readiness, set goals and plan a path to get your business on the road to success. Questions addressed in this session include:

  • Is business ownership right for you?
  • What makes a successful business owner?
  • How to establish goals
  • What are the right steps toward business ownership?
  • Introduction to BOI programs and services

This Indianapolis event is FREE to all! It is recommended that participants at BOI take this workshop before enrolling in business planning workshops.

Social Media on a Shoestring Budget: July 20 at 6 pm

These days social media is key to growing and maintaining success in the small business world. Wrap your mind around what it really means to participate in social media. Just because you have a Facebook or Twitter account, does not mean you are engaging with social media. Learn what social media is, why it is important to business owners and how other businesses are using it effectively.

This Indianapolis education session is only $10.

Business Necessities: July 21 at 6 pm

Legitimizing a small business is the best way to find success. Find out what it means to comply with current laws and regulations, protect yourself from liability and how to build relationships with professional advisors. Learn about insurance, zoning requirements, banking relationships and more.

This session costs $20 to participate.

Record Keeping: July 21 at 6 pm

Establishing an effective record keeping system is crucial when it comes to tax time and, God forbid, an IRS audit. Learn record keeping principles, the difference between manual and automated options for record keeping systems and see samples of how to organize paperwork.

This session costs $10 to participate.

Business Planning 1: July 23 at 9 am (all day)

Creating a solid business plan is the first step to success. Learn about the four components of any good plan: success planning, market planning, cash flow planning and financing and operations planning. Each part is equally as important as the last. With out all four quarters of a solid business plan, no new business will last. This session gives participants the ability to analyze the feasibility, viability and desirability of their business idea.

This price of this session is calculated on a sliding scale.

Business Web Site Basics: July 28 at 6 pm

In the digital age, no business will thrive and survive without a navigable website. This session teaches participants the key terminology for their Web site, how to identify the type of Web site each business needs, planning the layout and design of the site and more. The session also explores both how to work with a professional Web site designer and DIY Web site building.

This session costs $10 per person.

Intellectual Property: August 9 at 6 pm

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind including inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs. Learn how to protect your intellectual property through trademarks, copyrights and patents. And find out why protecting your intellectual property is a crucial part of business ownership.

This session costs $10.

Contracts and Negotiations: August 11 at 6 pm

Contracts are an unavoidable and important part of business ownership. Every person that works for or around your business needs a contract. Find out how the role of the contract differs in various situation, how to negotiate a contract and contract basics. Plus get a look at resources for sample contracts.

Participate in this session for only $10.

Marketing and Sales Strategies: August 16 at 6 pm

This two part workshop teaches business owners about real life sales and marketing problems and solutions. Learn strategies for marketing and sales including the four Ps of marketing and the language of sales.

This session costs $20.

 Becoming and Official Business: August 18 at 6 pm

Think you’re ready to become a recognized business in the State of Indiana? Find out if your right. Learn how to acquire a tax identification number from the IRS and register your business with the Secretary of State.

This session is totally FREE, less the $90 fee to the Secretary of State Office for registering your business.

Foundations of Money Management: August 24 at 6 pm

Money management skills are arguably the most important part of financial success in the business world. Find out how to utilize banking services and smart budgeting. Keeping track of your business’ money is the best way to keep track of your business’ success.

This session is FREE.

Internet Marketing: August 25 at 6 pm

Creating traffic for your website is the best way to become more visible in your community. Learn about the tools available to get the word out Online about your website and business services.

This session costs $10.

Spanish Speaking Sessions

In addition to the above listed sessions, the Business Ownership Initiative also offers Spanish speaking sessions on July 28 and August 24.

Take advantage of this incredible resource for small business owners in central Indiana. Fuel up before the sessions with dinner from any of these Indianapolis restaurants. Afterward, network with fellow future business owners over drinks at any of these Indianapolis bars.

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