Brookside Park Family Center: Where the Wild Things Are

Head to the new and improved Brookside Park Family Center for a FREE screening of Where the Wild Things Are, Monday, July 25 at 3 pm. This Indianapolis event is designed specifically to get your Indianapolis kids out and about this Summer, instead of staying in and playing video games. Pack a picnic; play on the playground and curl up to take in this family friendly film. Don’t miss your chance to relive the childhood book that taught us where the wild things are.
Written by Maurice Sendak and published in 1963, Where the Wild Things Are has been a cornerstone of children’s literature for decades. Though it was initially banned by librarians and scorned by critics, the book developed a major following among kids. Revolutionary for its time, the book is, as critic Francis Spufford points out, “one of the very few picture books to make an entirely deliberate, and beautiful, use of the psychoanalytic story of anger.” Time magazine wrote, “What makes Sendak’s book so compelling is its grounding effect: Max has a tantrum and in a flight of fancy visits his wild side, but he is pulled back by a belief in parental love to a supper ‘still hot,’ balancing the seesaw of fear and comfort.”

While the book has enjoyed many reincarnations including an animated short and an opera, the most successful and mainstream interpretation was the 2009 film, directed by Spike Jonze. The fanciful film combines performers in costume, animatronics and computer-generated imagery to craft Max’s view of a world of wild things. The film centers on a boy hero, Max, who travels to a far away island and is declared king by the wild things that live there.
After Max has a fight with his mother and throws a tantrum, he boards a boat at the edge of a pond. The pond becomes an ocean and takes him to a far away island. When he arrives there, he stumbles upon Carol, who is in the middle of a destructive tantrum caused by his girlfriend KW. When the group of wild things see Max, they are at first suspicious and threaten to eat him. But when he promises to bring harmony to the group through his secret magical powers, they elect him king.

Max howls and runs and romps with the Wild Things. He learns about friendship and sadness. He uses the experience to channel his anger. Then he leaves the island and returns home to his mother.

The film’s star-studded cast includes Chris Cooper, Lauren Ambrose, James Gandolfini, Forest Whitaker, Catherine O’Hara, Catherine Keener, Mark Ruffalo and more. Response to the film was generally favorable. New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis notes that Spike Jonze’s “filmmaking exceeds anything he’s done” before. While some critics feared the adaptation was too dark for children, the film fared well at the box office entertaining kids and parents alike.

Don’t miss this classic children’s tale turned innovative film at Brookside Park this Monday. Established in 1898, Brookside is 108 acres of rolling wooded green space located less than five minutes from Indianapolis downtown. At the heart of the park rests the Family Center, built in 1928. This architectural delight stuns visitors to this Indianapolis park with its intricate design and appearance.

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Where the Wild Things Are
Monday, July 25
3:00 pm

Brookside Park Family Center
350 Brookside Parkway South Drive
Indianapolis, IN