Be Prepared: Starfish Initiative Hosts Back to School Expo

As Summer break draws to a close, Indianapolis kids are dragging their feet while parents are clicking their heels. Enrolling your youngsters in another year of school means the busy time is fast approaching. Starfish Initiative’s offers support to parents, who want to see their kids make the most of their K-12 experiences. To optimize your families school experience head to the Back to School Expo hosted by Starfish Initiative at the Indiana Convention Center on Saturday, July 30. This Indianapolis event is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and is FREE to all Indianapolis people. Join in discussion panels and sessions, browse exhibitor booths and have some fun with your Indianapolis kids as you prepare them to go back to school.
The Back to School Expo in Indianapolis downtown offers several Breakout Sessions for a variety of topics including community, education, health and safety and financial education. Community sessions focus on issues that relate to your child as they enter the Indianapolis community through school. “College Planning: Connecting the Pieces” offers parents a chance to learn about student lending options and other ways to help finance your child’s education. “Why the Arts?” focuses on the importance of art education that inspires creativity and alternative learning methods. “Sex and Teens Today” helps parents face the looming “talk” and offers strategies for discussing this sensitive topic with your teenagers. Other Community sessions include “Indiana Youth Institute College and Career Exploration,” “Action Team Program,” “Abraham Lincoln: Hoosier Hero” and “Yes, your child can!”

Education breakout sessions, sponsored by Vincennes University, offer parents and kids information on topics ranging from college to the Internet. “High School Survival” helps students prepare to focus on a career and goal oriented experience through high school. “Earn Your Drivers License for the Internet Superhighway” teaches kids and parents how to manage reputations online by avoiding cyberbullying. Learn everything about texting, chatting and social networks that your kids already know. Other breakout session include “Your School Options,” “It’s Never Too Late to Save for College” and more.
Health and Safety break out sessions include information for parents about keeping students focused and healthy. “My Child Has Special Needs: Now What?” gives parents the tools to communicate with teachers and administration about their child’s needs. “Inspiration, Not Just Information” provides tips for parents and educators about communication vital health information to students while keeping them engaged. Other topics include “Anti-bullying,” “Back To School 101” and more.
The financial education sessions offer parents and students engaging ways to understand each other when it comes to money. “Family Financial Activity for All Ages” lets parents and kids swap places in the game of life. Caution: walking in some one else’s shoes may prove to be difficult. Also, the “Teacher’s Forum” allows teachers to ask key questions about the implementation of financial literacy education.

In addition to breakout session, the Back to School Expo offers “Edutainment.” These session are designed for kids and parents to connect while having fun. Activities range from martial arts, science demonstrations, animal shows, dance class, improv lessons, musical performances and even fencing.

After you soak up all the info you can from the breakout sessions, visit the booths of various exhibitors. Each exhibitor offers unique ways to help parents and kids prepare for back to school. Plus, many booths have free giveaways including pens and pencils. Participating exhibitors include:

The Back to School Expo is the perfect place prepare for the coming school year. With opportunities to learn about everything from finances to communication with your teen and even how to navigate the Internet, this Indianapolis event offers something for every parent. Take advantage of this wonderful community event!

Don’t miss this FREE Indianapolis event. Afterward, treat yourself to dinner from any of these Indianapolis restaurants. Stay tuned to for all the latest on fun things to do in Indianapolis. We cover Indianapolis arts to Indianapolis sports and more. Get out in Indy and find some fun!

Back to School Expo by Starfish Initiative
Saturday, July 30, 2011
9 am to 6 pm

Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46225