August First Friday Art Walk Preview 2011

Beat the scorching heat with free art and interesting company at the August First Friday Art Walk, happening Friday, August 5 in Indianapolis downtown. This FREE Indianapolis event connects artists and galleries with art patrons in a casual and inviting setting. Sponsored by Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association (IDADA), the First Friday Art Walk encourages the creation of new work by Indianapolis artists each month, spurring cultural growth in Indianapolis. Here is a preview of what you will find this month in IDADA’s August 2011 First Friday Art Walk.

Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA): Animalcules

newest exhibit, “Animalcules” by Brian James Priest, focuses on human beings as both collectors and collections. This mixed media exhibit features large-scale prints, sound and floor installations and live performance art. A graduate of the Herron School of Art and Design and Washington University, where he received his MFA, Priest returns to Indy with an interesting take on the world around us.

Inspired by the inventor of the microscope, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, who first observed microorganisms, Priest seeks to illuminate the beauty and monstrous face of the microscopic world. “We are a collection of experience as well as ecology,” says Priest. “I am both marveled and frightened by the reality of being mostly bacteria cells. Essentially, by harboring 4 billion organisms we are each walking planets.”

In addition to a piece called Body Zoo, a tiny zoological garden of these organisms contained with in a sub dermal silicon structure implant in his arm, Priest utilizes sand as a major material in his other work. “Artists tell stories; we convince you that a chunk of material is something else,” he says, “that it stands for something else, that it represents something bigger and more profound. I want people to questions everything, not just my creations, but the world around them.”

August 5 through September 17, 2011
Opening Reception: August 5 from 6 to 11 pm

The Murphy Art Center
1043 Virginia Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Harrison Center for the Arts: BOUND and other work

The Harrison Center for the Arts, of the historic Old Northside of Indianapolis, is a meeting ground for artists and art lovers. It offers studio space to working artists and provides art classes for Hoosiers interested in an expressive, creative outlet. Each month, this maze of galleries and studio space opens its doors to Indianapolis people, who wonder amid the latest work by Indianapolis artists.

This month the Harrison Center for the Arts presents “BOUND,” the 4th annual group book art show presented in conjunction with the Herron Art Library of the IUPUI University Library. Artist’s books are created as original artwork with the intention to push the boundaries of the book medium. Artists imagine various formats including flip books, pop up books, accordion books and even decks of cards.

This years group book art show features work from Christian Arrecis, Sarah Brooks, Ryan Collier, Talia Halliday, Paola Hurtado, David Johnson, Sarojini Johnson, Tasha Lewis, Will Lutz, Emily Schorn, Doug Travis, Sharon Turrini, Emily Vance and Eric Walton. In addition, the show will feature pieces from the Herron Art Library’s permanent collection. Attendees are encouraged to bring used books for donation and recycling.

Also at the Harrison Center for the Arts: paintings by Lon Hall, “A Day in the Life of a Very Bad Person” book signing and reading by Tim Harmon, new paintings from Kyle Ragsdale and bicycle polo in the gym.

Harrison Center for the Arts
1505 North Delaware
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Big Car Gallery: Get Bent!

Mixed media artist, Nathan Monk, presents new work at Fountain Square’s Big Car Gallery. Utilizing found objects, Monk transforms discarded objects into high art. “My goal is for the viewer to look at its formal elements and ponder the conceptual relationship between the rest of the painting,” says Monk. “A lot of great things in this world get passed by every day and it is a way for me to reverse that.” In addition, Monk uses his work as a platform for his belief in reusing and recycling.

His latest exhibit, “Get Bent!”, is a multimedia installation which utilizes audio, video and print components. As he moves away from his original concept of “green art” into the world of digital creation, Monk’s perspective shifts and focuses.

Big Car Gallery
1043 Virginia Avenue
Suite 215
Indianapolis, IN

Stutz Artists Association: Bodies of Work

The Stutz Artists Association’s Stutz Artspace is a premiere Indianapolis art gallery with an odd connection to Indianapolis sports. Where motorcars were once produced, now houses inventive artists. The latest show at Stutz features sketches, illustrations and paintings from  Travis S. Little’s body of work. This self-taught painter explores the style of Contemporary American Realism. With a degree in advertising, Little worked as a graphic designers and freelance marketing consultant until 2001 when his focus shifted to fine art.

His “Hommage Studios” is a vehicle through which to manage his own work, but also a supportive place for young artists, models and photographers. Burgeoning cultural players receive financial academic aid, supplies, networking opportunities and more.

“I strive for a level of realism that is consistent with life, over any heavy reliance on stylization or abstraction,” says Little. “My techniques can be unorthodox and without constraint of traditional formulaic process – a rare benefit from being mostly self-taught.”

Stutz Artspace
212 West 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Indy Indie Artists Colony: Installations and Landscapes”

The Indy Indie Artists Colony is the newest Indianapolis art gallery to participate in IDADA’s First Friday Art Walk. This interesting piece of Indianapolis real estate offers both cheap housing and free gallery space to artists in the building. Stop by the artists colony in Indianapolis downtown to see what the inhabitants have to offer.

One resident, Nate Garvey, presents a “Recycled string web collaboration portal” in the North Gallery of the building. Lydia Dresser and Jacob Biernat collaborate on the installation “Milk and Honey” in the South Gallery of the building. Plus, artists Jonathan Foerster, Sarah Boyle and Michael Arbuckle join forces for a group landscape show.

This space also features spoken word, a DJ and performances from PaperStrangers Theatre.

Indy Indie Artists Colony
26 East 14th Street
Indianapolis, IN

Earth House Collective: New Work by Kathryn Dart

Located just South of the Indianapolis cultural district, Mass Ave, Earth House Collective doubles as a music venue and art gallery. This Friday, Earth House presents Kathryn Dart’s first solo exhibition. With a focus on community and connection, Dart repeates images to create a sense of the collective. A mix of painting and sculpture, Dart uses wax, paper and dirt to create sculptural elements with a life of their own. Dart explores what it means to be a city dweller, to live in such close proximity to others, through her work at Earth House Collective.

Earth House Collective
237 North East Street
Indianapolis, IN

IDADA’s First Friday Art Walk

As you walk from gallery to gallery, take in the sights and sound of Indianapolis downtown. Support the arts by turning out for this fun and FREE Indianapolis event. Engage with the cultural community and discover something different. Stop into any of these Indianapolis restaurants to fuel up before the art marathon. Afterward, discuss your favorite artists and pieces over drinks at any of these Indianapolis bars.

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IDADA First Friday Art Walk
Friday, August 5, 2011